Past Exhibitions

15 January to 02 February

Librarians At The Gate

Brendan Parkes

My paintings are spontaneous but they are also considered. I use any materials I can to make them. I admire the free expression in children's art butalso believe that painting should have something to say, and the materials have as much to say as I have.

05 February to 23 February

The Wrong Head

Xtian, Dan Kelly, Tim Harris and Mat Blackwell

05 February to 23 February

My Journey

Claudio Cantelli

Connected Cultures and Contrasts
26 February to 16 March

Nikki D’Emden, Max Darby, Helen McCormack, Clodagh Holahan

An Exhibition of Painting, Mixed Media, Textiles and Photography
The art of this group is disparate, but connected by a common theme, the use of colour and pattern in a range cultures and environments. The works show different approaches to depicting pattern, layers, textures, colour, shapes and surfaces and intricacies of surface. Each artist has been inspired by their use of materials, other cultures and their own environment.

Nikki D’Emden – Painting and mixed media
Nikki comments on climatic effects, seasonal change and the fragility of nature. She uses oil paint over gold and silver leaf painting delicate and intricate observations of her immediate environment. Her mixed media works combine oils paint and glazes, gold leaf, intaglio prints and found objects and materials.

Max Darby - Painting and photography
Max’s series of paintings and photographs expressively interpret The Grampians (Gariwerd) to show dramatically contrasting elements of natural character. The works show the countryside as affected by the devastating bushfires of 2009 and the relative calm of the mountain range in heavy fog.

Helen McCormack - Textiles
Helen works with different fabrics and her own photographs to create small and exquisite textile pieces. Her process includes painting, beading and stitching, using both machine and hand embroidery to embellish her works. Her inspiration comes from travel and her immediate environment.

Clodagh Holahan – Painting, works on paper, mixed media and sculpture
Clodagh’s work reflects her fascination with nature and urban patterns. She does this through observation, abstraction and photography. Apart from acrylics she uses gouache, watercolour pencils, inks and other media.
Her work is connected through a decorative response to different environments.

19 March to 06 April

Images of India

Hans Erftemeyer

Space 1
Images of India is the result of two visits to that country by Hans in the last ten years. The show explores a broad range of subject matter from the Taj, Rajasthani architecture to the backwaters of herala. This is not a social commentary, rather a lyrical adventure in colour.

India is a sundrenched country
With it’s Rajasthani plains.
The ever flowing Ganges
Ad Delhi’s smelly drains.
Her poverty can defeat you
As it almost did for me
But her grandeur and her colour
Are things you just must see.

The Logic of Living Systems

John Joseph McKenzie

Space 2
This is the first solo exhibition by Australian born artist John Joseph McKenzie since returning to Melbourne after a seven year period living abroad in Barcelona, Spain as well as time spent in Italy and Taiwan with trips to Beijing and Shanghai. The change of countries, lifestyle, language and studios has decelerated the production of his art but fueled the theme.

This exhibition of recent photographs explores the nature of space, the transference of energy, of ideas and the life span of ideas as well as the artificial existence of relationships between people, their lives and the spaces they inhabit and create for themselves.

I Heart Threads

Kieran Stopp

Space 3
Canberra based artist, Kieran Stopp, launches his opening to the Melbourne art scene, at 69 Smith Street Gallery in Fitzroy (from Mar 19th – Apr 6th), with his latest project “I Heart Threads”. His exhibition focuses on his apparel label and art line. Living with Schizophrenia, the artist sees the world in a different light; his works reflect his interests in music, philosophy, cosmology, and love of colour and design. Stopp considers his art an escape from his illness, whilst paradoxically seeing his illness, which reveals itself through his somewhat “psychedelic” outlook on life, as an inspiration for his art.

“I’ve been designing for well over ten years now; and have always had a passion for art, especially for clothing. I wanted to create an apparel label for years; I started with baby steps, by printing on canvas and then decided to take it further with my clothing label “I Heart Threads” in January, 2013. I’m now taking it even further and experimenting with different mediums, i.e. skateboard decks, etc.

Peter Hutchinson

Space 4

Kate Sylvester

Space 5

Sidecar - Fashiolution

09 April to 27 April


Gus Eagleton & Gregory Jessup

Opening Night Fri 11 April 6 - 8pm


Felicity Clarke & Laziza Hawkins

Felicity Clarke and Laziza Hawkins are uniting for the first time to present recent works that delve into expose the frustrations of life’s journeys, secret longings, enigmatic sentiments and recent memories embodied in a wide variety of textile and mixed media techniques.Each artist has interpreted the theme in their own unique style creating a diverse and thought provoking exhibition. The work we are presenting is about recovery and health and the different voyages of life as women, it embodies the exploration of the complex aspects of the female form, thwarted frustrations and transforming femininity

The Greatest Colouring Book that Ever Was, Vol 1'

Ingrid Ackroyd

Ingrid Ackroyd of 'Fox Body Art' presents 'The Greatest Colouring Book that Ever Was, Vol 1' Raising funds for Autism Awareness, the launch & Auction of this book will take place on Sat 12th April 4 - 6pm


Katy Bowman

Colour materiality and form are Katy Bowman’s overriding interests in a practice that encompasses installation found object assemblage and medium scale sculptural works.

[Addendum]is a collection of small abstract works fabricated from the covers of second hand hard back books and forms a postscript to Katy Bowman’s 2012 exhibition ‘Second Edition’ for which she created larger abstract works using book covers.

The works in [Addendum] take advantage of the inherent colour and texture of the book covers which areassembled into abstract grids; each work is a study in tone and colour.

Opening Night Fri 11 April 6 - 8pm

Future Events... MAYD4 MEMBERS

The Gallery Members Show

Download the e-Invitation (See the NEWS Section for details) for the 69 Smith St Gallery, Members Group Exhibition.

Interested Gallery Artists are invited to exhibit works in our 2014 Members show running from the 21st of May through to the 8th of June. Details on how to enter can be found on the second page of the invitation.

An eclectic group event not to be missed! Join in the Madness of May with the Artists of 69 Smith St Gallery.

Show Commencing May 21st

Three Stories: Once Upon A Time by Efrossini Chaniotis, The 4 Artists' Hands, The Members of 69 Smith Street Gallery
03 May to 18 May

Once Upon a Time by Efrossini Chaniotis

Efrossini Chaniotis

"Once upon a time there was a girl who looked up at the sky a lot. One day a star came down to take a closer look at her. It sang her songs of sunrises and sunsets, entered her heart and decided to stay a while."

This short story forms the basis for Efrossini Chaniotis's new show. The artist set herself the task of dividing the text into 7 parts and responded to each creatively through drawing, painting and sculpture.

Efrossini's art stands out for its iconic style, intricate pattern-work and mixed media sculptural dolls. 'Once Upon A Time' adds another layer to her unique way of storytelling.

Image Insert: Efrossini Chaniotis (c) The Artist 2014. Image Courtesy the Artist

Group Exhibition by Robina McDonald, Naomi McDonald, Norma McGowan and Liz Patton

The 4 Artists' Hands

The 4 Artists’ Hand
Norma McGowan, Naomi McDonald, Robina McDonald, Liz Patton

We are four artists who enjoy working together and learning from each other. An important aspect of our shared learning is to problem - solve. Between us, we have shared different skills, which we are able to call upon as required. These skills are painting, drawing, multimedia, photography, printmaking, sculpture and woodwork.

We frequently reference Art History, sharing knowledge of different artists, techniques, tools and equipment. The fun aspect of working together is advising each other on new developments in art that allows for the possibility of one or more of us trying out new materials to obtain different effects. Sharing our knowledge about art enhances our personal satisfaction and growth as artists.

Please join the artist for opening celebrations on between 4 and 6pm on Saturday May 3rd.

Image Insert: Various, The 4 Artists' Hands (c) The Artist 2014. Image Courtesy the Artist

Gallery Member Collaboration - Group Exhibition of Contributing Member Artists

The Member Artists of Gallery 69 Smith Street

A representative showcase of the Gallery 69 Smith Street Member Artists.

Consider this just a preview of our premier exhibition featuring a broad range of artists and mediums in the upcoming group Exhibition MAYD4 MEMBERS 2014

See below for Details
Image Insert: Irene Amorosi "Framed" 35 x35 cm - Collage, Oil on Canvas (c) The Artist 2014. Image Courtesy the Artist.

Future Events... MAYD4 MEMBERS Opening Event Sat 24th May 4-6pm

The Gallery Members Show (Premier Event 2014)

Download the e-Invitation (See the NEWS Section for details) for the 69 Smith St Gallery, Members Group Exhibition.

Interested Gallery Artists are invited to exhibit works in our 2014 Members show running from the 21st of May through to the 8th of June. Details on how to enter can be found on the second page of the invitation.

An eclectic group event not to be missed! Join in the Madness of May with the Artists of 69 Smith St Gallery.

Show Preview Commencing May 21st Please contact the gallery Curator for entry details

MAYD4 Members + Aerial, Artifacts from a New Mythology

Aerial, Artifacts from a New Mythology

Liz Zanella, Phaedra Gunn, Vivien Tate and Natalie Fernandez

69 Smith Street gallery's space becomes a wunderkammer, holding an exhibition of works by 4 artists on a collaborated theme; each artist referencing the others creations.

Aerial is a collection of would-be found objects, and imagery, describing a futuristic discovery of artifacts from which the narrative of a new mythology can be imagined.

The theme 'Aerial' conjures images of clouds, flight and breath. Suspended in space, Aerial considers the symbols and representations of the realm of the sky as it may be.


MAYD4 Members - Gallery Artist Group Exhibition

MAYD 4 MEMBERS is a unique Group Exhibition featuring the breadth and depth of Gallery 69 Smith Street Member Artists

Opening 21st of May through 8th of June 2014

Members of the Public and and Art Lovers of all genres are invited to see this diverse exhibition with works spanning from the traditional to psychedelic to the sublime & everything in between

Member Artists are invited to come and dance around the May Pole by participating and exhibiting your work as a collective with the Gallery

Bring your work & exhibition fee to the Gallery Sun 18th May 12pm - 6pm or Monday 10pm

Interested Member Artists should bring your work and exhibition fee of $30 (correct cash or cheque) to the Gallery on Sun 18th May 12pm - 6pm or on Monday 19th May 10am - 12 pm

While there are no explicit size or medium restrictions please contact the Exhibition Coordinator on if your dimensions exceed 1.2m*

Please place your name, title of work, technique and price on the reverse of your work (all Artworks must have D-ring and wire/string hardware attached for hanging)

*Exhibition terms and conditions are subject to change & the Gallery Curator reserves the right to reject works found to breach community standards. Copyright © 2014 69 Smith Street Gallery. All rights reserved


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