Past Exhibitions

16 January to 03 February


Jade Thompson

Space 1
The series of works I have created have been developed over the past ten years from my travels around the world. What excited me from my journeys, were the people I met, the places that I explored, the different and wonderful cultures, and the climates and terrains

Summer Stories

Space 2-4
Summer stories is a group exhibition that portrays summer and the mixed emotions that come with it.

Red is for ...

Space 5
Colour plays an important part in our lives and can impact on our mood and the mood of those around us.
This exhibition includes a collection of images grouped around various colour themes.
There is no text just colour.

06 February to 24 February

Simmer: Contemporary works from Far North Queensland

Raewyn Biggs, Louisa Ennis-Thomas, Vide Freiberg and Rose Rigley

Simmer is a travelling exhibition from artist-run-initiative, Knock Knock, based in Cairns, Queensland.

Within their creative practices, Knock Knock members, Raewyn Biggs, Louisa Ennis-Thomas, Vide Freiberg and Rose Rigley share a common approach where both conceptual concerns and the exploration of a sense of materiality govern their creative process. Individual themes of memory, place, the human condition and our complex relationship with the natural environment are addressed within the exhibition.

Curator, Louisa Ennis-Thomas
This travelling exhibition has received financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Claire Ngu

Claire Ngu

Space 4 includes a collection of images created by Claire Ngu.

This is my art

Space 3 includes a collection of work by the group of friends who met at 69 Smith Street Gallery.

Black and Gold

Veronica Hodgkinson

Space 5
The golden glow of the fire and the black remains of the scoured earth. This exhibition reflects on the devastating bush fires that Victoria has experience over the past few years.


Daxville pop up Shop

2 weeks only - hand altered clothes and interesting things
21st + 22nd + 24th + 28 Feb and 1st + 2nd + 3rd Mar
From 12pm until later

27 February to 17 March

And the Big Men Fly

Sarah Hawkins

Space 1
The movement of the players, the ball and the excitement of the crowd is captured in my large works in Acrylic on Canvas for an exhibition entitled “And the Big Men Fly”.
In some of the works players lunge for the ball, in other pieces players are still to reach the ball or may have been knocked over whilst seeking to reach the centre of action. In some of the works the audience cheers wildly or sits waiting quietly for the game to begin. In another work the audience files out of the stadium in a chaotic fashion – onto the busy street.
In all of the works the game of Australian Rules football is honored and celebrated

Nguyen Dinh Hien - work on paper

Deborah Salter

Space 2
Nguyen Dinh Hien’s work is underpinned with iconic elements referencing Vietnamese folklore and song culturally important to the Vietnamese rural population. Hien imbues humor into the work to capture rural village life. Hien works predominantly on paper with acrylic paint, a medium which responds vibrantly and with freshness to the playful imagery


Janine Parker and Merryl Key

Space 3
Under’ : directly below, to be oppressed or undergoing a process. ‘Ward’ : drawn downwards into the underworld, into the depths of our psyche.

Our work explores these themes in different ways - A hanging installation of male and female body parts in different stages of life, interspersed with rings of ovaries and ohhhhs; figurative bodies that have had enough and are now broken; A ritualistic Persephone diorama that retraces the journey through the underworld, from fragmentation to empowerment; and a whirling ‘Fluffing Machine’ to ruffle ones feathers and never remain comfortable. The installation is heightened by experimental music from Japanese sound artist Yuya Ota

Workers Exhibit

Space 4 and 5

THE WORKERS EXHIBIT, an exhibition showcasing artwork by a group of volunteers. Discover the diverse and various nature of works made by some of the artists whose enthusiasm and commitment to 69 Smith Street Gallery has maintained the artist run space as a leading and legendary Fitzroy institution.'

69 Smith Street relies on, encourages and acknowledges the dedication and hard work of its volunteers. If you would like to volunteer at the gallery please email or ring Merle Parker on 9802-6007.

Image credit Veronica Hodgkinson


Daxville pop up shop

2 weeks only - hand altered clothes and interesting things
21st + 22nd + 24th + 28 Feb and 1st + 2nd + 3rd Mar
From 12pm until later

20 March to 07 April

Bodily Dialogue

Peter So

You think the traditional ‘Nude’ is a dying art…………….

Here, looks again, ‘Bodily Dialogue’, paintings and drawings by Peter So is to challenge that!

This emerging artist, although established with an illustrative background is turning the ‘Nude’ upside down and carrying it to the extreme.Years of life drawing experiences he is fusing the traditional with the new, exploring pictorial dynamics with composition, background, colours, lines, densities of tones, to challenge the norm.

The artist had developed, and evolved a unique style of drawing, that transformed the two dimensional image onto a two dimensional plane to appeared three dimensional., as critics has referred to his drawings as ‘sculptural’, a feat which would have rendered Picasso’s ‘affirmation of the two dimensional plane’ pointless.
A surrealist, heavily influence by Freud and Dali, Peter is searching and connecting with his subconscious and interpreting his own images, and becoming aware of his own duality; a discovery that slightly surprised himself.

Glances Stolen

Peter Quarry

A 'stolen glance' occurs when a person looks at someone, hoping that no one will see their true intentions or feelings. In my portrait work, I seek to capture these looks, as they are far more interesting than the classic portrait pose. Depicting a subject's 'stolen glance' can reveal hidden emotions or motivations that appeal to a viewer, regardless of whether they know the subject or not.

But is there another type of stolen glance? Is it the glance of someone who has had something of theirs stolen? Their home or possessions perhaps? Or something less tangible but crucially important like their dignity, freedom, rights or future?

Loss is a universal human experience that we all can relate to. Our internal wiring predisposes us to feel empathy for those in pain. I want to trigger this natural empathic reaction by showing what the faces of dispossession look like. In this show of new works, I have painted refugees, the homeless, the disenfranchised, in order to explore new ways of seeing and being seen.

All proceeds of sales go to the Brotherhood of St. Laurence.

Recent Works

Shelley Vincent

“Recent Works” is a selection of mixed media paintings by Shelley Vincent, at 69 Smith Street Gallery in Fitzroy, from the 20th March to 7th April 2013. The exhibition displays the artists on-going interest in line and colour, and in exploring the effects of various media, supports and techniques.

These works are at home in quiet backyards hemmed in by apartments, under noisy motorways and in the less fashionable CBD laneways. They lurk around the edges and sidle in between the gaps. They are striving to exist amongst the turmoil.

Coming up ......

The next exhibitions start on 10 April and will feature:
Anna Chadwick, Inside Out
Bronnie Kreiger, Instinctive Behavior
Katrina Dobbs, As For the Rhincoceros

10 April to 28 April

Inside Out

Anna Chadwick

Space 1 & 2
‘Gazing out the window while knitting my blanket, walking through the park on my way to work, these are the simple pleasures from where my inspiration comes from.’
Chadwick takes everyday experiences and transforms them into a magical world full of whimsy and mystery. The artist’s play with colour and texture transforms the landscape into a playground of fantasy in which the viewer is invited to enter. The textural and colourful elements in the works are inspired by fabrics, blankets, from her own home and from her own belongings. These aspects of the artist’s practice are brought to the viewer through her paintings- bringing the ‘Inside Out’

Instinctive Behavior

Bronni Krieger

Space 3
The body of work created for this exhibition stems from the love and fascination I have for animals and mankind. My ideas have formed over time from observing the parallels of their behavior. Each painting represents the various relationships formed through inter- dependence, vulnerability, love and the traces of their absence.

As For the Rhinoceros

Katrina Dobbs

Space 4 & 5

‘As for the Rhinoceros...’ is the latest offering by Melbourne based artist Katrina Dobbs. It is a intimate exhibition of small-scale still-life oil paintings featuring old and weathered childrens dolls.

Painted primarily in earth tones, the works walk a fine line between traditional and contemporary, between sublime and grotesque. They are images of mankind that confront you with unblinking eyes. A countenance which transports us to the childhood realm of fragmented memory and lost innocence while reminding us that even the inanimate are subject to the ravages of time.

Coming up during May 2013

Elements by Keiko Murakami
The Art of Reading by Rita Zammitt
Are You Ready by the 69 Smith Street Photography Group
Lynchie by Justin Perkins
Jumping Fences by the Burra Regional Art Gallery

01 May to 19 May


Keiko Murakami

Space 1
Elements is a show of new works by Keiko Murakami. The artist is exploring a number of new directions in these works. Conceptually, the works explore the possibilities offered by random layering and repetition as well as the possible creation of new different works from the representation of the same elements in different configurations. She is weaving together what may appear to be random thoughts, feelings, experiences into new more sculptural forms of printmaking. An element is small amount of a quality or feeling, it can take the form of line, streak, or trace, be a face or surface or a dot or spot.
The works take random elements and layer and weave them to create either three dimensional works or lines of prints that are displayed in such a way as to control the viewers gaze and force them to interact with the work in order to view it. This draws the viewer into the work and makes them part of the work itself.

Keiko has an extensive history of exhibiting in both solo and group shows here in Australia and internationally. Her practice has involved both etching and linocut printmaking displayed using conventional methods. These new works however make a radical departure from the conservative traditions of printmaking towards more sculptural use of the medium

The Art of Reading

Rita Zammit

Space 2
Books have always been a central part of my life. “The Art of Reading” has been inspired by this passion, and apprehension about the threat imposed on traditional media by the digital revolution. A home without books feels like a very sterile place.

Reading books is not enough for me—I want to own and savour my favourites. I love to rearrange them, sometimes by size or subject matter. My own large, eclectic collection has become a safety hazard as it spreads through my apartment.

My paintings observe readers and books in different settings. They seek to emphasise an easy familiarity – an association between old friends. Reproducing photographs of real life situations in an abstract and figurative style distorts the characters and creates an evocative atmosphere bonding books to readers.

Are You Ready

Space 3 to 5
Focus Group exhibition

Bob Dylan, “I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom”. A group of dedicated photographers from the 69 Smith Street photography group have been given the freedom to create works that interpret and explore the music, lyrics, life and art of Bob Dylan.

Artist for this exhibition includes: Karena Goldfinch, Antony Dimmock, Margot Sharman, Andrew Maclean, Darron Davies, Jillian Russell, Marg Thomson, Jenny Gibson, Veronica Hodgkinson and Maree Quinn.

The 69 Smith Street Photography Group meets regularly to share and discuss ideas, trends and their passion for photography.

Exhibitions coming up May/June ....

Justin Perkins, Lynchie
Burra Regional Art Gallery, Jumping Fences
Fionna Madigan, Fusion

22 May to 09 June

Lynchie the Mouse

Justin Perkins

Space 1 & 2
Lynchie is the follow-up show by J A.F. Perkins (Justin). This time we have a vigilante cartoon mouse who exploring shadows of demons past in the artists' life, which is a bit of a break from Jason and the Argonauts of his preceding show.

Justin, within his more personal subject matter has chosen to live up to the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) which is getting bipolar response whether it be due to the sometimes subtle but graphic subject matter, or the minimal use of line. Most people either like or dislike this body of work. The artist himself may be biased but he does believe that one or two of the pieces are his best yet. So come along, see and decide for yourself.

Burra Regional Art Gallery

Space 3 to 5
JUMPING FENCES is a landscape exhibition showing artists of the Mid North and West Coast of South Australia, a project of Burra Regional Art Gallery. Burra Regional Art Gallery has planned this exhibition to boost artists over some of the hurdles of living in country SA, and to present a united front to a new audience.

Participating artists: 19 experienced and emerging artists, a mix of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, academic and self trained; JUMPING FENCES has a broadly interpreted landscape theme that includes painting, glass, basketry, textile and photography. The artists are Cindy Durant, Siv Grava, Pamela Kouwenhoven, Beaver Lennon, Cathy Sarles, Lise Temple, Kerry Youde, Simon Smith, Duncan Crawford, Yvonne Dalton, Jim Duncan, Kim Marriott, Bruce Martin, Todd Romanowycz, Sandra Saunders, Neil Hann, Marek Herburt, Alison Mitchell and Allyson Parsons.

Exhibitions/events coming up in Jun/Jul ....

Fusion by Fionna Madigan
Likeness 3

Talks at Sidecar, 2 June at 2:30pm. For more information visit or email

12 June to 30 June


Fionna Madigan

Entire gallery
'Fusion' is an exploration of mixed media, cold wax and encaustic art-making processes. The word 'encaustic' comes from the ancient Greek and means to 'burn in'. It describes a process of fusing a paint composed of beeswax, dammar resin and pigments. Optical depth is created by fusing together different surface layers with a heat source, to create a single element. The idea of an experience that 'burns in', fusing shaping and changing our sense of self, is at the heart of this work.

Coming up in July ...

Likeness 3
Utopian Dreams by Debbie Robinson
What It is and What it Isn't by Andrew Maclean
Janet Clouston
Perpetual Opposites by Shane Sterry & Lucinda Cyran
Freedom by Emily Payne
The Obsessions of a Woman of a Certain Age-Cohen and Cats by Penny Peckhams

See Sidecar website for information on the first Sunday of the Month talks

03 July to 21 July

Utopian Dreams

Debbie Robinson

Space 1
Debbie Robinson’s work concerns the figure in the landscape; exploring themes of the ritual and spiritual, a sense of wonder and the search for mythical paradise. Composition is an important factor in her work as is decorative pattern and the contrast between three dimensional figures amongst two dimensional landscapes. Her figures are frequently absorbed in their activity, unaware of the spectator’s presence whilst the landscape acts as a stage for human drama in which there is no clear division between what is real and what is imagined.

Debbie has exhibited in group and solo shows in various galleries around Australia and has been a finalist in prestigious competitions such as The Shirley Hannan National Portrait Prize and the Kilgour Prize for figurative painting. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from RMIT and a Masters of Art Curatorship from the University of Melbourne whereat she was awarded the Cultural Connotations Art Curatorship Award.

Likeness 3

Space 2 to 5
Likeness 3 - the process of portrayal

This year, 69 Smith Street Gallery's annual 'Likeness' portrait exhibition challenges
the artist to consider the process behind the portrait, in the development of the idea
and production of the image.

Sculpture Garden

Brian Delaney, special opening celebrations Sunday 30 June at 2pm. Please visit Brian's facebook event for more information:

Coming up in July ....

The next talk at Sidecar is Sunday 7 July at 2:30pm.
For more information please visit

What It is and What it Isn't by Andrew Maclean
Janet Clouston
Perpetual Opposites by Shane Sterry & Lucinda Cyran
Freedom by Emily Payne
The Obsessions of a Woman of a Certain Age-Cohen and Cats by Penny Peckhams

24 July to 11 August

What It Is and What It Isn’t

Andrew Maclean

Space 1
What it is and what it isn't is all a secret to me. To find out more join Andrew for a special opening on Friday 26 July 2013 between 6-8pm.

Bound for Glory

Janet Clouston

Space 2
Off track, lost and bewildered, the Wayward, the Old, the Unloved and Forlorn stagger into thunderous dawns. Clouston’s narrative paintings draw on unsettling childhood memories, found photos, historical influences and curious invention. With empathy and wry humour she seeks to uncover the human drama in lives overlooked. Here the novelty race is a re-imagined. Women are hobbled by sacks. Men gently protect their spoon and egg cargo. Blindfolded or burdened, the protagonists of these tales doggedly traverse the open plain. Their exhausting journeys may end in bewilderment perhaps, but the artist honours their perseverance and hope.

Perpetual Opposites

Shane Sterry & Lucinda Cyran

Space 3
The Perpetual Opposite Exhibition is a collaborative show from two highly imaginative artists, who both work with bold images and lots of colour. Their styles are quite different from one another, but are also complimentary, as the theme suggests. Every colour has an opposite and a perpetual opposite, and though they compliment each other, the individual perceptions may vary.
Shane’s work is highly influenced by pop culture and street art with bold line work and tripped out charactertures. He paints using colour and layers on wood, incorporates graphic design in to his work and creates a very distinctive and personal style that is instantly recognised as his own.

Lucinda’s work follows strong influences from tattooing, pin-ups and surrealism. She creates images with a lot of colour, and repeat patterns throughout. She predominantly uses pen & pencil in her drawings, but also works with acrylics & water colours.

This exhibition is about showcasing their passion for art by putting their hard work on display for friends, family and art lovers to enjoy.


Emily Payne

Space 4
Local young artist and student Emily Payne invites you to 'Open your mind and delve into a world of your imagination and endless possibility fearlessly’ with 'Freedom', an exhibit of mixed media works featured at the 69 Smith Street gallery, Fitzroy. Be sure to enter your dreams from Wednesday 24th July 2013 to Sunday 11th August.

The Obsessions of a Woman of a Certain Age-Cohen and Cats

Penny Peckham

Space 5
Two related bodies of work – quite different aesthetically and in terms of media, but linked by the fact that the subject of each is the subject of obsession. A group of paintings titled From the Book of LC / Look at me, Leonard! combine text and abstraction – fragments of Leonard Cohen poetry/lyrics within colourful abstract fields. A Taxonomy of (Art) Cats is a series of linocut prints of cats taken from a range of Art Historical sources, and organized into a pseudo-scientific classification; sleeping cats, cats sitting tall, walking cats, cats cleaning themselves etc. Each is labeled according to source, with artist’s name and date, or country and era in the case of some older images.

Bending Light

Margaret Thomson

Bending Light at Sidecar - An exhibition that showcases the photography of Margaret Thomson

Using camera movement, Margaret paints with light, thus getting beyond the visual or surface reality of her subject. With only the content of the recorded image and with little subsequent manipulation, Margaret captures luminous and glowing kaleidoscopes of colour.

Opening Celebrations: Friday 19th July 6 - 8 pm
Exhibition: 19th July to 11th August. Closed 4th August
Gallery Hours: Wed - Sat 11am - 5pm, Sun - 12pm - 5pm
Open late: every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Gertrude Street Projection Festival.

Enter from Gertrude Street or via 69 Smith Street Gallery

Monthly talks at Sidecar

Sunday 4th August at 2.30pm
Molly Carlile, Manager Palliative Care Services at Austin Health, will speak about death, grief and loss, spirituality and meaning in the context of living a full life. Come and find out about what is happening in art therapy and palliative care right now. This one may change your life!

Cost $10 pp, please book online at

Coming up in August ….

My Paintings, My Voice’ by Giang Nguyen
‘Popaganda’ by Louise Anthony
'Cycles of Light' by Michelle McGowan, Kathy Thompson and Maria Stipcevic
‘New Landscape’ by Carol Rowlands

Member shows coming up ....
Sep/Oct - Book in a bag
Dec - 69Fifteen Salon Show

14 August to 01 September

My paintings are my voice...

Giang Nguyen

Space 1
“My pantings are my voice...” a collection of powerful work by Hanoi based artist Giang Nguyen (b.1974). Giang explores personal feelings about identity, gender and sexuality. Repressed feelings are conveyed through languid bodies heavy with emotional ambiguity. Faces without identity. Giang’s innovative technique mixes traditional Vietnamese lacquer with oil paint. Each is executed with finesse, richly organic and deeply personal. “My paintings
are my voice - a voice for other women like myself...lonely in a society that holds prejudices
against homosexuals...” Giang Nguyen


Louise Anthony

Space 2
POPAGANDA, is the first solo exhibition presented by Melbourne artist Louise Anthony since she won the Tertiary student section of the Silkcut Award in 2012.
With a nod and a wink to the Russian Constructivists and Pop Art, Louise combines lino print with collage and painting to put forward a collection of bold dramatic visages - some more familiar and divisive than appealing!
Current political figures are featured, as are advertising images from the 1950s/60s and propaganda from the Soviet space race era – each work having a little question or thought for the viewer to walk away with.

Louise completed her Diploma of Visual Art at NMIT in 2012 and has exhibited work at 69 Smith St twice before, with one of her prints gaining a commendation in their ‘Secret Life of Space’ show last year.

Cycles of Light

Michelle McGowan, Kathy Thompson and Maria Stipcevic

Space 3
There has been light from the beginning. There will be light, feebly, at the end. In all its forms—visible and invisible—it saturates the universe. Light is more than a little bit inscrutable. J. Achenbach.

Our existence is completely infused with Light. Every day, every object and every life form is constantly being changed and made vivid by Light.

The artists, Michelle McGowan, Kathy Thompson and Maria Stipcevic are bound by their interest in exploring the many patterns, depths and breadths of this natural yet crucial life-giving phenomenon. They invite the viewer to gaze, interact, play and explore the perpetual light cycling.

Their mixed media work includes oil painting, photography/digital manipulation, up-cycled sculptures using found objects, pastels, rice & silk papers, resins, and ceramics.

New Landscape

Carol Rowlands

Space 4
Carols artworks are about the urban landscape and its fragmentation. Paddocks are subdivided into building blocks, these are developed and redeveloped. Vegetation and animals become endangered and extinct in this turbulent world. Houses are built, renovated, demolished and rebuilt, as populations move. We see a new world of shapes, signs and symbols, colours, patterns and textures as a reflection of the global shifting of boundaries and changing demographics.


Wendy Busch

Sidecar presents ..... Perception_self is an exhibition of paintings and mixed media by Wendy Busch. The works explore the fluidity and subjectivity of what it is to perceive the Self.

The works clash stylistic and conceptual aspects of perception, exploring the science of seeing with the geometric line, as well as psychoanalytical notions of questioning reality.

The figurative series reflects a search for truth- through the want of securing place within the world.

Coming up in September ....

AWOL by Jason Nixon
The Real Deal by Charlotte Clemens
Eden by Zoe Paterson
Meeting Alison by Joanne Ros

04 September to 22 September


Jason Nixon

Space 1
Influenced by writers such as Albert Camus and Franz Kafka, and inspired by the works of Gregory Crewdson, the series follows the unravelling of a working man, terrified by the slow realisation that he is ultimately free to choose, and the sense of displacement that ensues when he finally makes his choice. To climb over the fence. In search of himself.

The Real Deal

Charlotte Clemens

Space 2
This exhibition consists of digital photos presented as visual collages recalled from a secondary art room in a western suburbs public school as seen through the eyes of an art teacher who is also an artist. They portray images of students on excursions, in festivals and in the classroom, that express the joys and triumphs and frustrations and stresses in a secondary art room. (All identities have been disguised)


Zoe Paterson

Space 3
In Zoë Paterson’s “Eden” series of paintings and poems, nature is symbolic of one’s inner landscape. Allegorical figures and shadowy woodland creatures move through luxurious canopies of colour, interwoven with sinuous foliage bristling with unspoken temptation, startling revelations and shy desires. Daring, enticing, beckoning – these figures invite us into their mystical, enchanted ways.

Zoë’s prayer to know beauty is palpable in both her paintings and her poetry: “Under this veil of time / I would marry the universe / to know the secret truth / of its every beautiful molecule.” Although based in Sydney, rising star Zoë is also represented overseas in New York by Agora Gallery. Her work will be exhibiting as part Agora Gallery’s “Kaleidoscope of the Mind” exhibition from 29 October to 19 November 2013. A selection of her work is also permanently available at Agora Gallery and enquiries should be directed to

New York Art magazine, ARTisSpectrum, says Zoë’s “paintings contain a freshness and immediacy not often seen in the fine art world, as well as a vibrant life force that erupts from the canvas.” (Volume 29, page 106). To see for yourself come to the opening night of her exhibition at Gallery 69 from 4pm on Saturday 7 September 2013.

Zoë’s paintings are held in private and also corporate collections throughout Australia and overseas. Her paintings and also her poetry has exhibited at several solo and also group exhibitions in Sydney.

Zoë was selected by Malaysian designers Sereni & Shentel for their 2013 annual “Artist Series” and her paintings were reproduced on textiles as the basis of a capsule collection of headbands released since August this year. The capsule collection has been covered by media in Malaysia and for further details go to

Meeting Alison

Joanne Bos

Space 5

Stepping cautiously through the ruins of 1480 Plenty Road, Whittlesea, I found myself looking for signs of the people that once lived there. Alison (b1931 d1998) and Milton Graff (b1929 d2009), brother and sister remained unmarried until their deaths, rarely venturing from their childhood home. They were considered ‘eccentric’, surrounded by piles of newspapers and railway auction purchases.
The paintings and shadowboxes are glimpses into Alison’s world, her childhood and young adulthood. *The collage elements including found objects are sourced from the ruins of the Graff homestead. I have attempted to create a sense of their isolated lives, removed, at times suspicious and disinterested in the progress around them.

*The house is heritage listed. I contacted the owner Mr Andrew Runge and obtained consent for the removal of various papers and small items.

3D Printing Workshop at SIDECAR

On Wednesday 4th September 6pm to 8pm
No prior experience is needed or advanced computer skills. Bookings at

Coming up in Sep/Oct

My Art, My Heart by Claudio Cantelli
Book in a Bag

25 September to 13 October

My Art, My Heart

Claudio Cantelli

Space 1
Claudio Cantelli is a hyper-realist, he loves the perfection of the details focusing on the human figure and objects, preferring black and white.

Claudio Cantelli was born in 1953 in Bologna, Italy. He graduated in electronic engineering, naturally leading him into the marketing field.
However, it is the heart that drives his hand into his greatest passion: painting.

He received his first Italian award at age 17, he then continued at an amateur level until his first exhibition "IN THE MIRROR"

Book in a Bag

Space 2 to 5
Book in a Bag is a members exhibition where artists were given a book in a bag as inspiration for their creation.

Vote for your favourite artwork during the Book in a Bag exhibition from 25th to the 28th September. Voting closes 5pm on the 28th with the winner entry being announced at 6pm during the opening celebrations


Thursday 10 October to 17 October - 'Red Black & Blue', drawings by John Puli. Opening celebrations Saturday 12 3:30pm to 5pm

16 October to 03 November

Endangered Beauty

Liz Millson

Space 1
Liz is a Melbourne based visual artist who has exhibited her work in several galleries in the Melbourne district and South Eastern suburbs. Her latest works include a range of vibrant paintings, drypoint etchings and ceramics highlighting the issue of superficial beauty through female portraits accessorised with creatures of nature. This explores the demand of contemporary aesthetics and the impact it has on animal habitats and the natural environment.

The Company you keep

Amanda Croatto

Space 2
Painting these Russian dolls unleashed a cast of characters that continues to grow, from demure princesses to an accident prone butcher. They may be alter-egos of mine, but do I want to go there? As well as the dolls (really ...a misnomer if ever there was one, these are not for children!), there will be some 2D work, some prints, and maybe a painting or two.

The company are hand painted with acrylics on wood, with a protective coat of varnish. The prints are layered monotypes, using stencils and acrylics.

Consume Me

Monique Barnett

Space 3

Consume me brings together familiar celebrities but at the same time obfuscates them into ambiguous shapes and blurs. Celebrity identities become unidentifiable; they are glamorous, entrancing images that dance just beyond the grasp of recognition.

Barnett’s art practice investigates the meaning of celebrity culture and societies relationship to it. ‘I am compelled by the encompassing, invasive and inescapable figures of modern media’. Barnett creates miniature dioramas using cut out images from gossip magazines. Here they are assembled and photographed, to then be translated into oil paintings, occupying a vibrant and hyper-coloured agora.

Sue Pavlovich

Space 4 & 5


Thursday 10 October to 17 October - 'Red Black & Blue', drawings by John Puli.

Saturday 26th October at 4.30pm - Our Aged Care in Crisis - the musical, in collaboration with artist Merle Parker and her exhibition '10 weeks and 1 day' tickets are $10 and includes the musical, exhibition and wine and cheese. For more information email or ring Merle on (03) 9802-6007.

06 November to 24 November

Daemons & Deities and Musings

Deborah Walker and Vanessa Beck

Space 1 & 2
Deborah Walker presents Daemons & Deities: Recent Diptych Paintings, while in Space 2 Vanessa Beck presents Musings.

The Space Between

Marianne Little

Space 3
The works in ‘THE SPACE BETWEEN…’ were inspired by my fascination of big cities, their sculptural qualities, their design possibilities and that they are also places of habitation.

Maps, grids, windows, unusual architectural features that sit atop buildings like ducting, communication equipment and lift houses, are all elements that feature in these works. I am amazed at the number of structures and their diverse nature that can be found throughout the city.

Some works explore different drawing methods while another group of works explore more painterly rendition of the city.

A number of Artists Books are also included in the exhibition.

The Lovers

Georgia Banks

Space 4
The Lovers is a series of video works that deal with the collision of violence and eros. They are inspired after the novel The Piano Teacher (1983) by Elfriede Jelinek. The project consists of three video works to correspond with three major inter-personal exchanges within The Piano Teacher. These nine videos are not only a translation of themes and events within the book, but are also a platform for exploring my own ideas about female sexuality, on an individual level, to power and control hierarchies within mother-daughter and heterosexual relationships.


Sue Bottomley

Space 5
Through these portraits I aimed to convey my interest in the power of the mind to direct our thoughts away from the present. I have tried to capture the dreamy expression that people assume when deep in reflection by using the poses of looking down and looking away. Vintage wallpapers, mostly from the 60’s and 70’s era have been used as background for the paintings and as such provide many possibilities to create something new from their intended purpose . Wallpaper motifs have been left exposed or changed and in some cases other imagery symbolic to the subject has been added creating another layer of meaning to the picture.

Important Notice - 69 Smith Street Gallery AGM

Members are invited to attend the 69 Smith Street Gallery AGM on Sunday 17th. November 2013 at 5pm.

For more information please email the gallery on

27 November to 15 December

The Committee are excited to announce that Councillor Amanda Stone will be opening the 69Fifteen Exhibition and the launch of the 69Fifteen Book. The opening will be 30th November 2013 from 4-6pm.

Earlier this year past and present members were invited to participant on a book celebrating 15 years of 69 Smith Street Gallery. Everyone who has been a member of the Gallery is listed in the book. Members who elected to contribute to the publication will be able to sign and collect their book. Anyone unable to collect their book are to email

This is a milestone event for the Gallery and we hope that you will attend the celebrations.

New Work

Claire Lefebvre

Side Car Gallery presents the first solo exhibition by Claire Lefebvre 30 November to 14 December 2013.

Opening celebrations 30 November 5-8pm at Side Car Gallery, rear 69 Smith Street Gallery (entry via Little Smith Street)

2013/2014 festive season break
16 December to 15 January

The Management Committee would like to thank all its supporters for a wonderful 2013 and wishes everyone a happy and safe new year break.

There is an opportunity to meet the committee and your fellow members at the gallery working bee scheduled for Saturday 11 January from 10am.


Like Us??

20 December, 2016

Show the world that you like us – on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Seasons Greetings

8 November, 2016

We wish all members and friends of the gallery a happy and creative festive season and new year

Last Show at 69 Smith St Gallery

14 June, 2016

Our lease has come to an end! The last exhibition closed on Dec 18th. In 2017 we will be looking…
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Discount on Art Materials

3 February, 2016

Members – make sure you buy your art materials from our supporters: Art Riot, Art Stretchers, Deans Art, and Eckersleys