Past Exhibitions

Midsumma Festival 2012
18 January to 05 February

Elegance in line

Ryan Davis, Duncan James, Amanda Gelling and Nicole Wassell

Elegance in Line is an exhibition that dignifies grace in its appearance. The refined arrangement of perfectly styled lines creates a peaceful and quiet movement in a seemingly still group of works.

Urban in colour

Alison Bennett, Jacqueline Gwynne, Zoe Horsfall, Phil Soliman and Rat Simpson

Urban in Colour is the aspect of visual perception and an exploration of colour in its present form. It questions and inspects us as people and the world that surrounds us all the way from the streets into the alleys.
Urban in Colour takes not only colours but it also takes the shapes, lines, 3D forms and subject matter of the urban landscapes we all inhabit.

For more information on the artists and their work please go to

08 February to 26 February

Ecelectic Imagining from Warrnambool

The Quarry Art Studio was formed in 2007 in Warrnambool, Southwest Victoria.
At the end of 2006 a group of ten art students from the Southwest College of TAFE decided they wanted and needed to continue working together and started looking for a space that could work as a communal studio. A large, sound, vacant and best of all affordable shed, was found and divided into ten studio spaces.

The members of Quarry are from a very diverse background, both men and women, ranging in age from mid 20’s to mid 60’s. Likewise their art styles are just as diverse, covering just about every genre, from sandstone sculptures to small line drawings. Four years later, Quarry Art Studio still lives and thrives in this picturesque spot. Many members have also held solo exhibitions throughout Victoria.

End of Times - Members show

Is 2012 the year that the world will end?

View the 'End of Times' exhibition on YouTube

Our Disappearing Forest - Too precious to turn into woodchips!

Karena Goldfinch

Money raised from this exhibition will be donated to My Environment to help pay legal costs for the Supreme Court case My Environment vs VicForests

29 February to 18 March

Jason’s quest for the Fleece

Justin Perkins

J. A.F.Perkins (Justin) is a naive surrealist who likes to call himself a post-humorist. We have seen his post-humorist musing in his Bovine-erotica drawings, which have brought a wry smile an uncomfortable giggles to the viewer.

Now he turns his eye and cartoon palette to the Greek classic “Jason and the Argonauts”. With his need to keep simple and to the point he does not deliver the 84 heroes, but for Jason and Medea. Instead he gives us images, which act more like chapter headings and thus leading us to the key points of the human narrative that Jason, and the Argonauts deliver.

We [heart] Robots

Lukas Haulser

An exploration of Japanese Pop Culture through digital mediums. All
pieces are done in a manga-influenced style and influenced by modern
and traditional Japan. All pieces are created digitally using
compositions of digital painting and photographs and then printed onto

Performance Paradigm

Tyler Payne and Vanessa Howells

Tyler Payne and Vanessa Howells' exhibition, Performance Paradigm, is a collection of photographic
and video works that continue their study into the performativity of the human subject of art as an allegory to the artists’ performance of their (female) selves

Wendy Busch, Aneta Bozic and Jan Herrera

Image by Wendy Busch "New Shirt, Who Will Like Me Now?"

21 March to 08 April

Mind's Eye

Linda Zarb

My paintings delve into the nostalgia of my childhood where I have recreated images of characters from television programs of the 60’s. I have very fond memories of racing home from school and watching Lost in Space and Doctor Who, Astro Boy and Warner Bros. cartoons. Becoming so absorbed in the stories, I believed the characters were real which unlocked my own imagination and creativity. I predominantly love Science Fiction and in particular robots in all their symmetrical, mechanical glory.
I began by sketching toy Daleks, photographing them and then progressed to painting with oils on linen. My intention is to imbue a sense of fun, humour and a fondness and nostalgia for the characters in the works. The simplicity of the backgrounds in the paintings directs the viewers focus squarely on the subjects which lay on a flat picture plane. I am attracted to straight lines, working with a grid and paint surfaces that are flat and smooth.

Dance With Me

Emma Morrison

“I am fascinated by the encounter between dance partners in set dance routines; in the country dance halls of my youth, in Town Hall ballrooms and the contemporary social gathering of the wedding,” says Emma Morrison. “There is excitement, fun and fear; from stepping on a partner's feet, to gliding smoothly in a fox-trot; from dancing close to someone desired. Or there is the partner with sweaty hands and bad breath!"

Dreaming a Garden

Darron Davies

Dreaming a Garden explores the garden as an illusion, as a dream, as a mysterious space evoking memories : days of playing in the garden as a child, as a space for adventure, as if one could curl up and fall asleep amongst the moss.

Colour Story

Cecilia Gardiner

“This collection was painted during a time of personal loss, a very dark time in my life,” says Cecilia Gardiner. “It was born out of a desire to focus on something simple and explore that which brings me a lot of joy; COLOUR. In my paintings I explored colour marriages and focused on off-setting one against the other, each enhancing the beauty of the other. As a result my finished products are very bold, bright and very much in the abstract realm. I like to think that my paintings make people happy and inspire them to explore their own creativity. Such a seemingly simple concept spawned a whole plethora of ideas. It’s about finding the small things to be grateful for and celebrating them.”


Carol Rowlands

02 May to 20 May

Weird OK!

Weird, Ok! Showcases visual material counteractive to commercial advertising, which inhabits and stealthily influences society’s belief systems, encroaching on our freedom and questioning true authenticity within any individual. A collective of upcoming artists/designers who have grown-up with hybrid influences in this technological age share visual communication responses that support alternate thinking.


69 Smith Street members show.
Opening celebrations, Saturday 5 May, 4-6pm

11 April to 29 April


Keiko Murakami

Keiko Murakami was born in Japan, and now works as a printmaker based in Melbourne CBD. Hanga is the Japanese word for print and many of the etchings in this show are inspired by the city and its relationship to nature.

The Peppermint Knights & Limes of Disease

Brendan Parkes

Brendan Parkes’ paintings are a reaction to pristine and elaborately conceptual art. Techniques used in his work infer elements of real life- items found in the street and 1970’s children’s religious education illustrations rub shoulders with children’s acrylics and crayons, and house paint. The mediums all work together in a visual conversation that emerges through a process of unconscious play. The story that they tell is as much up to the viewers’ imagination as the artist’s intention.

Brendan is a local Melbourne artist that originally hails from New Zealand. He studied at NZ’s most prestigious art school, The Elam School of Fine Arts before being drawn to Melbourne encouraged by it’s creative atmosphere. Brendan is also a black-belt in Karate and owns several racehorses.

Bound by the Book

Bernadette Boundy, Sally D'Orsogna, Susan Lock, Greg Neville, Margot Sharman

This show is a comprehensive exploration of the book from personal, historical, sensual and aesthetic angles. Using various photographic media, the five artists capture the physicality and beauty of books while also acknowledging the paradox of human behaviour to treasure some books deeply, yet throw others away.

23 May to 10 June

Big Breath into Town

Leone Gabrielle

Regional Artist Leone Gabrielle combines love of colour, with the urge to wander. Where fences stop hearts soar. Paintings / sculpture of her annual glean through Australia /Indonesia.
“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” – Rumi

Please take the opportunity to meet the artist at her opening on Thursday the 24th May 2012, between 6pm and 8pm.

Art Melbourne, 24 -27 May 2012

A range of artist will be representing 69 Smith Street Gallery at Art Melbourne 2012. Art Melbourne will be at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton from 24 to 27 May 2012.

Artist Include: Adriana Cosshall, Aneta Bozic, Bernadette Boundy, Carol Rowlands, Christina Markin, Darron Davies, Denise DeKeyzer, Flores Alcides, Gail Stiffe, Irene Zannoni, Julian DiMartino, Justine Cromb, Liza Posar, Marg Thomson, Marianne Little, Merle Parker, Rachele Mac Bryde, Sue Pavlovich, Sue Comrie, Veronica Hodgkinson, Wendy Black, Wendy Grace.

Members Art

During Art Melbourne there will be a special members show upstairs at 69 Smith Street.
Hours will be extended to include Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 May 2012.

Join us for closing drinks Sunday 10 June 3-5pm.

13 June to 01 July

Shared Space

Michael Cuthburt and Birgit Kreuzkamp

This joint exhibition of oil on canvas paintings originates from shared lives and studio space. Cuthbert’s vast lyrical semi-abstract landscapes refer to distant, elusive spaces. Red and yellow ochres lead the eye to tender horizons and beyond. In contrast, Kreuzkamp’s semi-figurative mindscapes invite the viewer to personal introspection and leisurely ambles within each frame.


Karena Goldfinch, Jenny Gibson, Andrew Maclean, Jill Russell, Marg Thomson, Merle Parker, Bernadette Boundy, Veronica Hodgkinson, Maree Quinn, Darron Davies, Margot Sharman, and Antony Dimmock.

69 Smith Street Photography Group - Third Annual Exhibition

Leonard Cohen has a very distinctive style. His music, poetry and lyrics are truly unique. During June a group of dedicated photographers from the 69 Smith Street photography group will be exhibiting works that interpret and explore the uniqueness of Leonard Cohen.

The 69 Smith Street Photography Group meet regularly to share and discuss ideas, trends and their passion for photography. Please email the gallery on if you would like to be included on the email list for the photography group.

04 July to 22 July


Liz Zanella

An exploration of personal semiotics and associations with the colour red.
- Works by Liz Zanella.

'...a balance to the cobolt sky and the pthalo sea, sunset clouds, a broken circle (beginnings and ends), the number 3, realness, intimacy, E, the present, the beat of the bass drum, design, intention, the letter M, the colour of comfort, chaos and contradictions.'

Three Men & A Red Head

Kaliopy, Otto Boron, Thomas Delohery & Patrick Jennings Brady

International renowned artists come together for an intimate group show in Melbourne an event curated by Kaliopy

‘Three Men & A Red Head’ - Showcases a diverse style of art and stories. A show not to be missed, from the Holocaust Series to Scenic landscaping, Sensuality & Quirkiness to the launch of the Carry Art movement.

3M&RH promotional staff will be randomly handing out 100 mini art show bags at the night of the Opening - (Please one bag per individual or one per couple / 2 per family)

Proud Sponsors - Artist & Curator Kaliopy, Oraio Organics, Corp Video, Price Attack, And Then There Was.., Outsiders Window and PR Sj.Marhone

Second Edition

Katy Bowman

Second Edition is a new body of work created by Katy Bowman in 2011-12 comprising 2D and 2D relief works fabricated from the hard covers of second hand books.
Katy employs the inherent colour of the hard back covers and assembles them into abstract grids; each work is a study of tone and colour.
The title of the show refers to the reuse of old and decommissioned library books as the key material whilst also referencing the abstract grids of the modernists.

Similitudes II

Sue Pavlovich

This body of works premise, that fate would be left as is and co-incidence would be provoked by elements inserted on the floor, which may be visible, and the insertion of wire and found objects, which stand for the built environment. The built environment of Perugia, metaphoric and actual layering was my inspiration. I am keen to review these works in the artist's talk. I am keen to develop both these premises with artists in the workshops leading up to the show of works of the workshops. I want to test if the theories of fate and chance generalise.


Amy Mills

Wine is an ancient art, tradition and past time; steeped in history and still widespread today. A ‘Sacrosanct’ draw from fantasy and religious references - wine is the lubricant of civilisation; embrace it, hold it as sacrosanct, yet take light heartedly and with joy.

Frottage Workshop

Sue Pavlovich, Jill Maclean and Marianne Little

Sue Pavlovich led a workshop about frottage for four days and was joined by fellow 69 Smith St members Jill Maclean and Marianne Little in producing this show. We worked on our own, then in pairs and three. A large-scale project with a conceptual framework, hinged on fate and chance, was realized.
Sue Pavlovich talk about the frottage workshops at 4.30 pm, prior to the opening.

25 July to 12 August


Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper

Incandescent is a series of works where I have used the sky and all its moods not only to communicate my own emotions, but to invoke an emotional response from the audience.
To me the weather is one of the most powerful elemental forces in our lives and can deeply affect the way we think and feel not only on a conscious level but also subconsciously.
There is nothing like a blue sky to lift our spirits, whereas a grey and rainy one can have the opposite effect.

The 75 Print Salute

Paula McLoughlin

The exhibition is my tribute to the idea of calm repetitiveness & seductions of surfaces. Its my salute to the work of Jasper Johns and other artists who explore the cross hatch techniques and targets and the joy of art that explores a shape, colour, technique. A small tribute to the idea that sometimes there is a point where the subject and the ideas of the artwork are not as important as the fact that the work exists

Journey with a Pencil

Mireille Beaufremez

'Journey with a pencil’ has been an inner journey, using Art for exploring in a symbolical way the realms of interconnection between space, memories, anticipation and rebirth after annihilation.

Pencil was chosen as a medium for this exploration since it offers great possibilities in the expression of light and darkness interferences.

Order Versus Kaos

Brian Delaney

Energy. Everything is energy. Sometimes that energy is organized and follows order. Sometimes it is in chaos. Sometimes there is order in that chaos.

Order vs Kaos is the first gallery exhibition by Melbourne artist Brian Delaney and draws on influences from tribal cultures from around the world focusing on the power of a circle.

15 August to 02 September

arc at 30

John Abery, Sharon Anderson, Dana Ashlakoff, Prue Clements, Shelley McDermott, Sue Pavlovich, Jenny Peterson, Dianne Shaw, Fiona West, Anthea Williams

arc yinnar is an artist run collective which celebrates thirty years of support to and by artists in regional Victoria. arc has a vibrant community presence within a rural community, with a superb gallery, music venue, studio spaces for artists, and professional arts resource services. 

arc's story began in 1982 when the Art Resource Collective was established as a fledgling group of artists determined to renovate the disused Yinnar Butter Factory. 

arc provides both a focus for creative talent in the LATROBE CITY and environs, and a stepping stone to the wider world of contemporary art and career development.

Arc, an artist-run, non-profit organisation today houses its administration base, a superb large gallery, retail outlet, self-contained artist studios and public access areas for printmaking, ceramics, metalwork, photography, painting, drawing, theatre and music venue and professional arts resource services within the reinvigorated factory building, set between paddocks, the Yinnar sustainable garden and a short main street.

Likeness 2

Members Group exhibition

Three months ago at 69 Smith Street Gallery , 42 artists gathered to put their names into a hat. Names were drawn from said hat.
Artists - TOTAL STRANGERS - were partnered. If I drew your name, then I was to create your portrait and vice versa.

05 September to 23 September

Sacrosanct Wine Fairies

Amy Mills

City Lines

Marianne Little

Gestured Conversations

Liz Archer

This exhibition consists of delicately painted Japanese style imagery adapted from traditional tattoos of the Japanese Edo period; painted on canvas, the figure is treated in the traditional Italian trapunto method. The traditional myths that are the foundation of the tattoo imagery come to life, often leaving ‘the body’ playfully interacting with the other forms

We are all in this together

Liza Posar

Colour Rush

Jacqui Moyle

Colour Rush
A collection of recent paintings by Jacqui Moyle.
An exploration of colour and symbolism; abstract daydreams of tribal allegories in modern times.


Gavin Sanderson

The Obelisk

Tas Wansbrough

26 September to 14 October

Cultural Connectedness

Charlotte Clemens

By using a variety of materials and presenting my work in a collage format, I aim to illustrate how the visual art transform and enables cultural development. The emphasis on realism stems from my social realism background and a passion for art education and practice. This is combined with an eclectic overlapping of images, some more abstracted than others, in order to produce a visual narrative.
The deliberately bright colours reflect the optimistic spirit of collaboration and the joy of object making that is the creative process. The strong outlines serve to accentuate and flatten prominent figures.


Mikaila Hanman Siegersma

Creation/Destruction is a symbiotic composition of visual and audio material created to express the ironic relationship between disparaging and productive forces. All visual material has been fashioned from recycled resources such as cupboards, chest of draws and a toilet. Mikaila has used the objects in unusual ways to bring new perspectives to the materials. Based around unconscious writing, the auditory aspect of the show, focuses on Mikaila’s personal journey of paradoxes.

17 October to 04 November

Present Yourself

Leah Mariani

The exhibition explores clothing as decoration. Like gift-wrapping paper, clothes are used not only to
present but also to conceal. Each painting and print includes an element of pattern, some of which
has been sourced directly from gift-wrapping paper. The subjects are figurative and compositions are
inspired by fashion photography.
Please take the opportunity to meet the artist at her opening on Saturday the 20th October 2012, between 3pm and 5pm.

Simply Her Friends

Darron Davies

A series of portraits of friends of my late mother and the stories of their friendship. Portraits taken with a medium format film camera to capture the feel and personality of my Mother's friends - and of course my mother

Please take the opportunity to meet the artist at his opening on Saturday the 20th October 2012, between 3pm and 5pm.

A Sentient Dream

Cheryl Osborne

A Sentient Dream" Celebrating my Master's of Visual Arts at Monash Gippsland 2011.

My visionary work uses self-mythology to explore personal identity, redemption and transformation through shamanistic representations of animals and nature. I have a true concern for sentient beings. As part of the story telling process symbolism and metaphor express connectedness of the east and west.

Please take the opportunity to meet the artist at her opening on Saturday the 20th October 2012, between 3pm and 5pm.

Sidecar Art Market - 28 Oct, 9am to 2pm

This is the first ever Spring Art Market to be held by 69 Smith Street! 'Sidecar' will be transformed into a market venue, with the gallery's old doors upcycled into tables for stall holders to display their wares. The market will be held in 'Sidecar', (the project & events space at the back of the gallery - which is a converted garage/studio). Access to the market is from either the Gallery's Sculpture Garden, or from Little Smith Street, right next to Gertrude Street.

Some amazing creative wares will be on offer from stall holders, who are all artists and artisans, including art prints, original artworks, hand crafted jewelry, handmade paper, screen printed tees, art-related home wares and more.Market goers can come in and chat with the artisans, bring a coffee in from next door, be inspired, see something new and maybe discover those illusive hard-to-buy-for & something-special Xmas pressies!

And to make your day even more awesome, there will be entertainment at the markets thanks to some incredibly talented musicians & a comedian :)

You can find more information and get a sneak peek of some of the creative wares and entertainment on offer by visiting

07 November to 25 November

Filaments ,,,

Maria Teixeira

Space 1:
The show is a visual essay of explorations of the filamental essence of all things. The vivid colours of the tropical rain forest of Far North Queensland influence the palettes in this exhibition, which is a celebration of the eternal beauty that abides.

Please take the opportunity to meet the artist at her opening on Friday the 9th November 2012, between 6 - 9pm.

Street Views

Dylan Brookes

Space 3:
Emerging Melbourne artist Dylan Brookes combines photography, design and collage to create large-scale, bold and colourful artworks. From graffiti-covered Melbourne laneways and rusty old street signs, to National Park landscapes, Dylan’s work presents an unexpected interpretation of the view from the street.

Please take the opportunity to meet the artist at his opening on Saturday the 10th November 2012, between 4 - 6pm.


Kate Peters

Space 2:
Flight, a solo exhibition by Kate Carey Peters, which consists of works that silently whisper

~ 'flight'
~ of winged creatures
~ of imagination
~ of escape from harsh reality.

I invite you to travel with her on this path ~ the flight to or from ~ in your own imagination.

Please take the opportunity to meet the artist at her opening on Saturday the 10th November 2012, between 4 - 6pm.

Land, Sky & Sea

Peter Hutchison

Space 5:
Throughout my artistic studies and career I have mainly concentrated on painting in an abstract or semi-abstract style, experimenting and changing between hardedge and more expressive styles. My work has been a process of experimentation and discovery, relying upon instinct and intuition to obtain results.
For the last year I have been using this approach while working on a theme of abstract landscapes.

Please take the opportunity to meet the artist at his opening on Saturday the 10th November 2012, between 4 - 6pm.

Spring Art Market, 18 November, 9am to 2pm

Marije Klaver

Space 4:
This series of photo media works are about dancers who show us bold and ecstatic movements and gestures. The graphic quality and the use of contrasting colours bring the dancers back to their clearest form and accentuate their spirit. The works are created with lines, shape and light to emphasize energy, movement and passion!

69 Smith Street Art Prize 2012 - The Secret Life of Space
28 November to 16 December

Fly me to the Moon

Julian Di Martino, 1st Prize

The fourth bi-annual 69 Smith Street Art Prize is the Secret life of Space. The winners where announced at the opening celebrations on Saturday 1 December 2012.

The Management Committee would like to thank this years judges, Victor Griss (Art Collection Officer and Curator, Deakin University), Jenn Bishop (Gallery Co-ordinator, Yarra Sculpture Gallery) and Shaune Lakin (Gallery Director, Monash Gallery of Art).

The next prize show will be 2014.

The Flight of Galatea

Karenne Rees, 2nd Prize

Wendy Busch, 3rd Prize

Summer Art Market, 9 December 2012 from 9am to 2pm

The final art market before Christmas will be held at SideCar on 9 December 2012.

17 December to 31 December

The Management Committee of 69 Smith Street Gallery would like to wish everyone a happy and safe summer break and look forward to bringing you some exciting exhibitions in 2013.

The gallery will close on 17 December 2012 and will re-open on Wednesday 15 January 2013.

Although the Gallery is closed applications will still be considered.


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3 February, 2016

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