Past Exhibitions

19 January to 06 February

Temporal Pixel

T.J. Bateson

T.J.Bateson’s work, Temporal Pixel is a celebration and reflection of his obsession with beauty within a digital pixelated world.

Twisted Melbourne

Christos Nikopoulos

Christos Nikopoulos work, Twisted Melbourne is an interpretation of all the beautiful colours, textures and movement of this dynamic city.

Melbourne 2010

Rat Simpson

Rat Simpson work, Melbourne 2010 is a collection of urban landscapes created by the hand of an urban artist to reveal Melbourne’s culture, vibrant colours and true beauty.

I Walked Here

Alex Herbert Townsend

Alex Herbert Townsend’s work, I Walked Here is influenced by years of Japanese sumi-e painting and an interest in decorative design.


Roger Ungers

Roger Ungers work, are a collection of striking digital photographs showcasing the beautiful and fascinating structures that surround us today.

09 February to 27 February

There's No Place Like Home

Sobrane Simcock

Vibrational energy flowing from the ethereal is all around, circulating, dancing, awakening our inner spirit with such force it can take our breath away and pick our souls up making us gasp for air. It holds a translucency of which I try and transpose to canvas…

In each painting Simcock explores this energy in its intensity of colour and brush, in those moments where you stop, breath and look

Body Parts

Members Group Exhibition

This Member Show explores the idea of the body of humans,animals, machine etc...

02 March to 20 March

Apartment or Aquarium

Elizaveta Maltseva

Apartment or Aquarium is the latest exhibition by a Melbourne mixed medium emerging artist, Elizaveta Maltseva. In this body of work, Elizaveta compares apartment living to the lives of fish in aquariums. Mixing printmaking with drawing, she creates works that are dream-like in their aesthetic.

“Each of the prints in this series begins with a photograph of an apartment interior,” elaborates Elizaveta Maltseva. “Due to my printmaking style, it is not always obvious what is on the paper so I like to title the works with clues. I hope that my work can provide a viewing experience that triggers memories for my viewers and they can keep discovering little secrets in each piece.”

Shifting Ground

John Doyle, Lisa Pullen, Angela Gardner and Gwenn Tasker

Four Brisbane Artists have chosen 69 Smith Street Gallery in Melbourne for their first exhibition as a group.Each are known in their own right, are showing works on paper, both drawings and paintings, as well as metal assemblages that respond to the theme of memory. One of the artists Angela Gardner says of the exhibition

“we wanted the process of making the works for the show to act as a working memory, a sensory link between the objects that trigger memories and the unconscious”

Ink Blots on the Horizon

Kylie Blackley

‘Ink Blots on the Horizon’ is an exhibition of recent work by emerging artist Kylie Blackley. ‘Ink Blots’ started out as a series of layered ink drawings, which grew to include some printmaking and bookbinding.  On show upstairs at 69 Smith Street Gallery 2-20 opening 4-6pm Saturday 5 of March 2011.

‘Kylie Blackley thought she was an illustrator, that it was her job to draw, document and represent the little objects, but lately she has had trouble describing the tiny things she likes in the same way. Her drawings to be a way of making the viewer want the insignificant things she liked; but for now she just can’t focus. She has kept collecting and cataloguing these little things, for later. Instead Blackley has taken to representing broad sweeps of the external environment at fluctuating distance. All of them are real, actual places, just jumbled and non sequential, like going for a walk that is not long enough to clear your head.'

23 March to 10 April


Kaitlyn Crist

Although most graffiti tagging is visually unappealing, ugly and crude, on closer examination there is  a hidden beauty. It tells a story of where people have been and shows the life of a city. It also makes us wonder why people go to so much effort to annoy others and be a nuisance. Visual Disgorgement explores the notion that not everything is what it seems and should not be dismissed on first impressions.


Leisa Fields

'Social navigation' is a series of contemporary figurative sculptures that investigate the validity of social pressures in the twenty-something experience. In a world increasingly obsessed with youth, sex and materialism the pieces invite questions that are too often disregarded or for which no one is held accountable


Veronica Hodgkinson

Flow is a sequence of abstract black and white images that represents the seemly unhindered progress along a predetermined path. Each image is a section along the path and symbolizes direction influenced by peer pressure and free thinking.

Flow is the second of a series of works in progress created by Hodgkinson to be exhibited at 69 Smith Street Gallery.

13 April to 01 May

Autumnal Equinox, Fone Fotos

Carol Rowlands

Autumnal Equinox exhibition of photographs taken on 20th March or inspired by the season of Autumn.

Fone Fotos are all images taken with phone cameras. Includes a slide show upstairs.

Carol Rowlands is showing a selection of works entitled 'Around Town'.

04 May to 22 May

Interpreting the Landscape

Karen Foley

In this series of hand pressed and hand coloured linocuts Karen explores the landscape of her father’s property in Central Victoria and her own childhood memories. The works reflect the cycle of ageing and renewal in nature. These bold illustrative prints which are hand painted in watercolour form a tribute to her late father Matt Hunter and the landscape he lived in.

Within Silence

Mireille Beaufremez

My aim as an artist is to reveal the essential energies of things. The interactive digital medium is the best way for me to express this essence, the Australian landscape being my main source of inspiration. The completed work emerges from the blending of a mixed media base with the process of digital manipulation.

See O Metric

Desiree Vanderhaegen

See O metric is a colourful cermetrical theme with a bold sentimental and spiritual picture placed in the centre of my artwork. Themed to show two very dramactic directions of where life can take you. I have sent a picture of whirlwind one of my favourite pieces that depicts my personality.

Wall Space

Special members group

25 May to 12 June

Face the Truth

Jennifer Symons

Face The Truth is the premier exhibition for recently graduated Melbourne artist, Jennifer Symons.

‘Face The Truth’ is a series of 14 small, intricate pencil drawings the artist has created from photographs of her unsettling family environment where several members of her family are living with mental illness.
‘Each image is very unsettling and uncomfortable for me and takes me back to my childhood and family environment where there was no protection or safety. I decided to redraw the lines of domain and recreated draw each image with gentleness and kindness and even romance. By facing the truth and accepting the situation totally a certain alchemist process took place where grace and beauty where grace and beauty starts to thrive. The process of drawing itself is vital and crucial to the whole healing process.’

Family Anatomy

Jullian Russell

This body of work is about the fabric of family life in a ‘home’ overlayed by medical textures.
A theatre of grand design in a world menaced by compromise and mediocrity.

A kingdom always close to childhood where boundaries shift without warning and slippery surfaces conceal the hidden pain of criticism and mounting isolation.

Kisses From Down Under


‘Showcasing part #1 of Kaliopy’s collection “Kisses From Down Under”, a series of small contemporary works of acrylic medium. Her new theme was inspired for a NY postcard show, which soon enough unravelled after participating in the Cig Art Project. Also hung will be a sample of her last theme “Diaries Of The Lioness”, which brings an ending to Kaliopy’s last series and a celebration towards her new growing theme “Kisses From Down Under”.


Olga Morris

Exploration is a display of Digital works by Melbourne Artist Olga Morris at 69 Smith Street Gallery in Fitzroy. Morris has exhibited her works in a number of Melbourne galleries since 2007. “Emerging Melbourne artist, Olga Morris, presents exciting and original works that demonstrate the power of this medium to explore our nature and move the viewer…She wields her digital tools with the assurance of a focused artist with plenty to say. The works are beautifully composed and make reference to the history of our contemporary issues…from architectural abstracts, and spatial symphonies, to fluid portraits and landscapes ‘plasticised’ to reveal their structural DNA. Often these works play out like a theatre in an abstracted space.

15 June to 03 July

Merging Point

Julian Centofanti, Irina Giles, Christina Markins, Russell Shaw, Tom Terranova, Connie Lichti, John Mandich Lisa Penketh, Dean Simpson, Dimitra Vlachos

Carlton Art Center ceramic group

Featuring: Julian Centofanti, Irina Giles, Christina Markins, Russell Shaw, Tom Terranova, Connie Lichti, John Mandich, Lisa Penketh, Dean Simpson, Dimitra Vlachos.

Ten members from the Carlton Arts Center present a diverse range of ceramic work, exploring both wheel thrown and hand built forms. Each ceramicist investigates the ceramic surface in a personal and reflective approach.


69 Smith Street Photography Group

Look beyond the surface of things and be transported beyond the everyday world to a new source of focused attention.

This is the second exhibition of the 69 Smith Street photography group and features Darron Davies, Veronica Hodgkinson, Andrew Maclean, Marg Thomson, Karen Goldfinch, Jenny Gibson, Merle Parker, Bernadette Boundy, Vivienne Baldwin and Emma Blee

06 July to 24 July

Constructing Spaces

Sue Comrie: Constructing Spaces

Sue Comrie constructs sculptural and low relief structures to explore & better understand formal abstraction, specifically in relation to line, shape & form.

Utilizing basic geometric elements as the foundation of each work she constructs 3D structures with a focus on repetition and line that investigate the possible relationships between the interior & exterior spatial dimensions of each form.  The structures are created from white cardboard & foam-core to avoid colour interrupting & distorting spatial & structural readings.

The exhibition draws on the painting & sculptural practices initiated in the 1960’s by artists such as Robert Ryman, Ben Nicholson and Robert Hunter contemporizing them and alerting the viewer to the longevity of abstract art as a visual language.

Likeness - a Portrait Exhibition

Group Ehxhibition

This exhibition includes an ARTIST-TO-ARTIST exchange based on the premise behind Alfred Hitchcock's film “Strangers on a Train”(1951). In this film, two strangers meet on a train and decide to commit the perfect murder by 'swapping' murders. You do my murder and I'll do yours. Similarly, the idea behind Likeness – a Portrait Exhibition is that you do my portrait and I'll do yours.

‘Dialogue’ at ESP Gallery in Marrickville Sydney

work of 69 Smith St Gallery artists

Visit ESP Gallery in Marrickville, Sydney - ‘Dialogue’ features the work of 69 Smith St Gallery artists, exchanging Galleries with ESP. We, in Melbourne can toast the reciprocal opening in Sydney.

27 July to 14 August


Members Show

Structured Conversations

Liz Archer

Liz's  work is a decorative repertoire of historical styles and imagery echoing motifs of Chinese art. These represent the visual symbolic language of the culture expressing philosophical and sociological aspects. The content of the work is infused and layered imagery which reflects man's existence in the natural world; as well as auspicious messages.

17 August to 04 September


University Of Ballarat

PRECIPICE is the culmination of three years of work by Bachelor of Visual Art – Fine Art graduating students, from the University of Ballarat, showing at 69 Smith Street Gallery in Fitzroy.  The Art Society group of twenty students represent a vast array of mediums including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, printmaking and more.

“We each approach our own individual precipice, preparing to take an inevitable leap into the unknown,” says Art Society secretary Alison Desmond.  “We all have the same intention to succeed, but different directions are shown in our artwork,” says Art Society president Jaclyn Watson.  “The students’ excitement and enthusiasm will have you on the edge.”

07 September to 25 September

unNatural Order

Aneta Bozic, Dominique Dunstan, Cristy Gilbert and Sandra Winkworth

‘unNatural Order’ is an installation exhibition by Aneta Bozic, Dominique Dunstan, Cristy Gilbert and Sandra Winkworth. Brought together, across state borders, by their interest in the resilience of nature, their individual and collaborative works will continue to grow and change throughout the life of the show.

”In the footsteps of the great naturalists.” says Dominique Dunstan, “we attempt to forge an understanding of the rapidly evolving Anthropocene epoch – as it is and as it may be.”


Emma Blee

In a year faced with significant personal and professional changes, Ballarat artist Emma Blee reflects her experiences and emotional reactions in a series of works that represent the journey that her life has taken in the past year.

White Man's Burden

Ben Laycock

‘The Gross National Product of the whole world for 2010 was more than the G.N.P. for all of the previous years throughout history combined’ – ABC news – Finance Report - July 2011

Solitary Poesy: Some are born to the endless night

Rebecca Cantlon and Mathew Engert

A collection of visual poems on analogue photographic film. The artists' individual practices intersect in a realm of solitude,darkness and desperation. "Some are born to sweet delight/Some are born to endless night" - William Blake

28 September to 16 October

Impact of Nature 3

Anne Bennett, Jodi Heffernan and Karl Henriksen

As part of Impact 7 - International Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference’s Month of Print, three accomplished mid-career artists, Anne Bennett, Jodi Heffernan, and Kari Henriksen employ a range of printmedia to visually investigate issues arising out of the nature culture divide.

My Redrawn Space

Ellen Taylor

Ellen’s work emerges from investigations using her body in the gallery space. During this process her shadow is captured via a series of photographs and pen tracings which fuel the final series of large dark biro drawings, becoming dark masses in the gallery space.


Karena GoldFinch

Observance is the latest offering from Karena Goldfinch. A latecomer to photography she uses digital and alternative/historical processes in her work.

The rituals of photography whether it is the process of actually taking a photograph or the craft of creating the final image are a passion for her.

“The art of photography is about learning how to see and not merely looking,” says Karena.

Sylvia- whose forest is it anyway?

Karena Goldfinch

In this exhibition of photographs Karena Goldfinch gives us a glimpse of what is happening to native forest just 1 hour away from Melbourne.

The forest around Sylvia creek at Toolangi is presently being logged for paper pulp. This is an area that survived the 2009 fires and hence is now important habitat for such animals as the Leadbeaters possum.

“This beautiful native forest is too precious to turn into woodchips” says Karena.

19 October to 06 November

Natural Surroundings

Danielle Burford

My exhibition is reflecting natural surroundings and life within which accompanied me from my childhood until today.  It is never-ending inspiration and my connection to nature and my roots.

Of Passionate things

Veronica Hodgkinson

Created during a recent trip to New York City Hodgkinson attempts to explore and reflect on the energy and intimacy of the New York Jazz Scene.


Group Exhibition of over 100 IAPMA members

"Silver" - "IAPMA celebrates twenty five years of service to the International community of paper makers and artists"

Every member of IAPMA (the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists) was sent a slip of silver paper and asked to produce a small work in response to the birthday of the organisation.

Sculptural and Artist's Books

Group Exhibition

This exhibition will showcase the diversity and scope of artist’s books by artists form overseas and Australia.

There will be limited edition books, unique works as well as free standing, wall books, miniatures and more regular artist’s books, many using the traditional techniques and material of art and printing.

09 November to 27 November


NMIT Diploma of Visual Arts students present HATCH

Displaying a variety of painting and printmaking techniques and media, this group exhibition serves as both a showcase for newly learnt technical methods, as well as a display of both fully formed and transitory concepts and ideas.

30 November to 18 December


69 Smith Street Members Exhibition

Recipe is a 69 Smith Street Members’ group show and is the last show of the year.

The members’ of 69 Smith Street hope to get your mouth watering.. your ideas flowing. Thoughts of food, ingredients, menus, cafes, recipes for success, recipes for disaster, recipes for bomb-making! cocktails, lists, instructions, manuals, rules/regulations. This group show will deck the walls with the thousands of ideas that the word ‘Recipe' inspires.


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