Past Exhibitions

20 January to 30 January

Gay Pop Culture

Benja, Mark Bareald, Gary Campbell, J. Kristensen, Piepke, Mel Simpson and Rat Simpson

69 Smith Street presents a group exhibition of seven artists as part of this year's gay and lesbian community celebration; Midsumma.

Artists include: Benja, Mark Bareald, Gary Campbell, J. Kristensen, Piepke, Mel Simpson and Rat Simpson.

03 February to 21 February

Solitary Man

Naomi Eller

Works on paper and sculpture by Melbourne based artist, Naomi Eller. Through the use of birds as vehicles of expression we see man’s deliberation. The essence of who we are and what is carried through centuries to influence our contemporary workings.

Encounters in Melbourne

Nele Hoffmann

Nele Hoffmann, a German born artist will exhibit unusual views of daily moments in Australia’s big cities.

Microbial Fictions

Rose O'Shea

Rose O’Shea explores the unseen, ever-present world of pathogenic invaders such as typhus, smallpox, influenza, HIV, syphilis, leprosy, bubonic plague in paintings, collages and works-on-paper.


Dominique Dunstan

FIELD is an exhibition of photographic installations by Dominique Dunstan.

24 February to 14 March


Andrew Maclean & Margaret Thomson

Extrapolate, an exhibition by Margaret Thomson and Andrew Maclean, demonstrates photography as an art form.

Margaret's use of extended exposures during the magical late afternoon light and of the drama of the city at night, reveal intricate images that are vibrant, subtle and inexplicable. Andrew pares his streetscape images down to abstract blocks of pure colour, eliminating everything that could cause a visual disturbance to the harmonious whole that he seeks.


Emma Morrison

Figments is an investigation into the history of the fig, from its’ botanical form and ancient history to how figs were used in art to censor the figure. With references to the fig in everyday language that imply something else, such as the politician who talks about ‘a moral fig leaf’ or the saying “Don’t give a fig” used across different cultures.


Carol Rowlands

Journey - everyday journeys through industrial, urban, city or country landscapes involve the movement through time and space.

We pass changing colours, textures and geometric shapes, buildings and paddocks that are demolished and re-built to suit a changing agenda and clientele. We can ignore, dislike or enjoy this evolving environment. Industrial developments, multi-storied apartments and gated estates rise where green rural belts were the norm. Life’s boundaries are renegotiated.

Power Plays

Aneta Bozic

In Power Plays, Aneta Bozic explores the power relationships between objects and the meanings we project onto them. Using natural and ready-made objects, she has created a dialogue between them that challenges our usual reading of them as individual objects and our understanding of hierarchies of strength and power.

17 March to 04 April


69 Members Exhibition

Artists who are members of 69 Smith Street Gallery present their impressions of their world.

‘YourSpace’ is the space where the artists spend their time. It plays a huge role in their lives, a space that is creative, inspiring and full of energy. It reflects who they are as a person, their emotional, mental space, their tastes, interests and what they care about. It can influence their actions, their mood and help to achieve their dreams.

69 Smith Street Gallery has been open for eleven years. Many group shows have been arranged providing the opportunity to converse, share the ideas and thoughts, promote fellow artists’ work and be part of an inclusive artist community.

07 April to 25 April

Visceral - if I touch I might get cut

Anna Taifernopoulos

The ‘Visceral’ exhibition presents Anna Taifernopoulos’ latest work onto canvas and wood using paint, pastels, broken glass and other dangerous materials. Her work invites us into the intimate process of her life as an artist and woman. “Cutting into wood, embedding and sticking glass, making marks, these are the rituals that allow me to reveal my experience of being in a woman’s body living in the world. Where I live the streets are covered in broken glass. Gathering and using it in my work parallels the process I’m in of transforming the broken pieces of the world into beauty.”

Urban Trace

Nick Kind

Urban Trace by Nick Kind - A city has many underlying layers which go unnoticed, disguised by the familiar façade. This photographic collection captures Melbourne in the late hours uncovering and documenting a different perspective of the urban landscape.

I'll come back for you

Georgina Koureas

I'll come back for you by Georgina Koureas - When recollecting a moment in time, it is often the case that other factors resonate more pertinently than the human figure. I'll come back for you explores the insignifigance of the human figure within the mnemonic. The photographs of domestic objects and suburban spaces document human interaction within familiar environments, without the distraction of the figure itself.

Fragmentary Observations

Caroline Halstead

Fragmentary Observations is Melbourne based artist, Caroline Halstead’s first solo exhibition. Fleeting moments and memories based on overlooked glances surround viewers in Halstead’s installation. Moments imitated by photographs transferred onto post-it notes create an overwhelming atmosphere of reminders, as post-it notes are used to prompt us where our minds fail, or when perspectives alter.

14 April to 27 June


Justine Cromb

'Cyril'. Justine Cromb is a Graphic Artist who is now a Sculptor. She uses a building block called Hebel, to create interesting sculptures, which once finished are mounted onto red gum blocks. These pieces of work can be displayed either outside in your garden and left to weather naturally or kept indoors where their original beauty can be admired for years to come.

28 April to 16 May

zwischen den zeilen - between the lines

Michèle Meister

“zwischen den zeilen - between the lines” is an exhibition about the latest body of work of French - German artist Michèle Meister, using the line and the written word as a component in her big drawings. Also exhibited are some of her older work from her gallery in Santorini, Greece and some of her Encaustic paintings. Michèle studied art in Hamburg at the FIU ( Free International University ) which was founded by Joseph Beuys.

The Sound of Jets

Jessie Boylan

“The Sound of Jets” refers to landscapes of overt and hidden violence. Landscapes of war, horror, violence, trauma, erasure and alienation, in which the architecture of fear and control dominates the Israeli, Palestinian and observer’s psyche. It attempts to not focus on specific acts of violence, but rather on the landscapes which are used as the set to reinforce violence in more restrained ways.

These images are of modes of violence and control, which inhibit the citizen’s physical and mental environment in every day life.


Deb Ball

'Intrinsic'.Deb Ball is working in acrylic,black ink, clay and photography.

For this exhibition Deb is focusing on black ink drawings and photos that elicit the detail in nature.'

exhibition 33

Ginta Mebalds

'exhibition 33' is a collection of Photographs, showcasing abandoned yet beautiful spaces devoid of people, yet still holding the imprint of people long gone. She also explores living in the suburbs in Australia in our consumer- driven, wasteful society with her photographic series “Hard Rubbish”.

19 May to 06 June


Wendy Black

'Nanker/Phelge is inspired from rediscovered scrapbooks and memorabilia of the Rolling Stones from the early 1960’s. The (Nanker/Phelge) songs were their first jump into songwriting.

Older & Exposed

Chris Charstone, Carol Rowlands, Merle Parker, Aneta Bozic, Rose O' Shea, Marianne Little, Michele Meister, and Trish Round

'Older & Exposed' refers to society and the media pressure women to have an “acceptable” image, to be young looking with the stereotype "good figure". This all female group exhibition looks at ageing in women as something not to be concealed

The artists make a statement opposing the idealized “art nude” and other female images in society where the image is "beautiful" because it follows the “male” idea of seductiveness.

Ghost Veins

Aden Warrington, Michelle Dinkgreve and Nina Mulhull

“Ghost Veins” Here the artists lay emphasis on the delusion that is sex, romance, love and identity. Drawing attention to our emotional addictions, we discover that these ideals are nothing more than a physical lust for instant and regular gratification.

09 June to 27 June

For good measure

Julian Di Martino (Space 5)

'For Good Measure' refers to a neat, tidy, controlled, measured exhibition using cut-up tape measures rearranged into grids. The exhibition includes a painting documenting 6 years of haircuts and a giant sticky tape dispenser.

Subject to Revision

Birgit Kreuzkamp

Since Birgit retired from teaching languages and art/visual communication three years ago, she embraced painting with oil on canvas, exploring various techniques and a range of subjects. This first solo show offers rooms with views, abstracts and semi-abstract landscapes.

Clean-up in aisle three

Julian Di Martino (Space 6)

"Clean-up in aisle three" Something bad has happened in aisle three. It's going to take more than a pimply kid with a mop to clean up this mess. Don't look.

Flogging a Dead Horse

Rhen Dodd

"Flogging a Dead Horse" explores the processes of the act of painting, with outcomes reflecting on themes of social ignorance and backwardness.

Compositions of recognisable figures juxtaposed between landscapes of a familiar, nostalgic feel are blanketed in a rain of decay, creating a sense of uncertainty.

Girl on Fire

Courtney Hall

“Girl on Fire” refers to the exploration of popular culture and its effects on women. The artist is interested in how pop culture reinvents, creates and uses mythology and archetypes to create illusions and desires. Combining hand crafted materials with digital mediums to obscure the true physicality of the work and create a surreal space where myths and reality meet.

30 June to 18 July

As I walked out

Focus Photography Group

As I walked out is the title of the first exhibition by members of 69 Smith St Gallery photography group who have been meeting over the past twelve months to share their interest in photography. Artists include Rain White, Carol Rowlands, Wendy Currie, Karena Goldfinch, Jenny Gibson, Susan Hughes, Andrew Maclean, Jillian Russell, Emma Blee, Marg Thomson, Merle Parker, Bernadette Boundy, Ray Strong and Veronica Hodgkinson.

Pinhole and Cynotypes

Gallery Members

‘Pinhole and Cyanotypes’ Members of the gallery are showing their pinhole pictures and Cyanotypes done on recent workshops at the gallery .

21 July to 08 August

Codex Imagism

Benild Abigan

'Codex Imagism'. Out of the Blue is a allegorical representation of a journey..... a new beginning and new life. Images codes such butterflies, gold lace, mountain, blue tunnel, and white feather are symbolic representation of individual interpretation.


Peter Hutchison

'Experimental'. This recent work Peter Hutchison created through combining techniques such as paint splattering and sanding back to reveal what lies beneath.

As with most of his work it involved employing ideas, methods and materials which he had not tried before and which have evolved from earlier works.

Windows and Skies

Helen McInnis

'Windows and Skies'. Apart form Sky 1 which is a a portrait of Helen's daughter, painted in a flat-plane, vaguely comic-book style which she loves. The the other paintings in this series are sky portraits.

While painting landscapes in the country she became interested in the line where the land meets the sky, the endless line and shape of it.


Amy Mills

'Introspect' are landscapes that explore the essence of a particular place in time and the emotive qualities and experiences this creates. The surrounding happenings and emotions, both real and fantasised, are interwoven in the brush strokes.

11 August to 29 August

Silences Between

Andreas Bickford

'Silences between ( 2010) is the relationship of all to all, exploring the space between. There is a constant dialogue between, essences of differences affecting perception of each to each.This series explores the relationship of colour to colour, shape to shape, line to line, concept to concept. There are perceived relationships, in this reality, which are fundamental to our experience.

Earthlings - Elemental

Arnya Smith

For this exhibition Arnya works across the media of photography and sound. Elemental draws on inspiration from her awareness of the Eastern practice of Tai Chi, and attempts to bridge a relationship between this and the symbols used in the Chinese Bagua. This series of eight photographs represents the eight symbols of the Bagua respectively. The aesthetic created is unique to each individual photographic work – displaying the dynamics of nature, embodied by an aura like sphere.

Earthling - Pod Pad

Campbell Wyers

EARTHLING - Pod pad. Pod plant is the exploration of organic imagery in landscape. It transports viewers into states of awareness where geometry, design and nature merge. Pushing the concept of photography, Campbell tries to create harmonious images by mirroring and flipping scenes adding design and creating movement. Campbell’s subject matter in his photographs generally includes landscape environments.

Earthling - Intent

Nat Morris

Nat is very kinesthetic and very much in touch with the world of feelings, it is from this place that she brings together colour, movement and intention, to transform this inspiration into paintings on canvas. By using colour, expressive line and shape she producers not only paintings that are delightful and impressive, yet therapeutic also.

01 September to 19 September

10 Weeks and 1 Day

Merle Parker

"10 Weeks and 1 day" depicts in multiple media the physical and emotional experiences following a fall which resulted in her breaking both ankles. When her foot shot off the step in the blink of an eye her world changed completely.

This sudden shift from independence to dependence and total lack of mobility threw her into a strange new dimension in life.

Parker has created a visual insight into what it was like to go from Hospital to Transition Care in an Aged Care Facility and then onto Rehabilitation.

No title Necessary

Clare Bannatyne, Robyn Fry, Elizabeth van Herwaarden, Marianne Little, Christine Menegazzo, Carol Rowlands & Kathleen Vafiadis

Should the artist narrow the interpretation of their work by limiting the parameters? These artists are keen to encourage a multiplicity of interpretations.

Works in Progress

Veronica Hodgkinson

Her passion is in alternative and traditional photographic process.

22 September to 10 October

Haunt Substitute

Lelia Aguila, Genevieve Allison, Fay Chiaplias, Priscilia Diaz, Carmen Kelly, Dianne Martin, Joan Stojcevski, Robert Mangion

The Mixed Media Art Group exhibition HAUNT SUBSTITUTE is the second in a series of annual exhibitions which presents the work of a small group of emerging visual artists and their current art practice. The Mixed Media Art collective provides a forum for curatorial and artistic practice and promotes opportunities for emerging artists to present new work within critical and supportive contexts.

Inside Out

Karryn Argus, Bek Hayes, Mira Krulic, Jennie Menzies and Dianne Zacanovsky

The works explore human feelings and responses to the spaces in which we live. Whether created by the built environment, the natural environment or interior worlds, the spaces we inhabit evoke a variety of emotions in all of us. It is this range of emotions we seek to examine through the visual media of photography, printmaking, painting, drawing and sculptural installation.

13 October to 31 October

Living City

Carolyn Straford and Alison Hart

"Living City " is a collection of recent drawings and paintings exploring themes of the developed landscape as a living entity and of the relationship between these environments and their occupants. The works are often figure in landscape depictions, sometimes in an incongruous snapshot narrative or of a person in their occupational habitat


Sheila D’Cruz

“Intimations” is an exquisitely delicate series of paintings exploring intimacy.

Exotic Asian fabrics tell a story through their discarded or draped forms alluding to love, death, joy and enticement.

Inspiration of Ink and Brushes

Yvonne Ho

When black mixed with white is gray, what if when Eastern meets Western? It refers to traditional Chinese painting and states discovery of life experience in Melbourne between two cultures. There are not only typical techniques of Chinese painting and calligraphy but also showing of Australian life and culture.

24 November to 19 December


Rachele MacBryde, 1st Prize

City Moods

Marianne Little, 2nd Prize

Savage Sixteen

Eleven, 3rd Prize

Shitting Myself

Erin Round, Highly Commended

Pissoir of Last Resort

Lizz Orr, Honourable Mention

Exile to City

Leonardo Uribe Angarita, Honourable Mention

Watson meets Crick on Little Lonsdale

Jenny Gibson, Honourable Mention

AKA (Also known as)

Christina Markin


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