Past Exhibitions

21 January to 08 February

Midsumma Festival 2009

David Khan, Rick Connors, Alexander Edwards, Chris Nash and Andrea Van Steen

69 Smith Street presents a photographic exhibition of five artists as part of this year's gay and lesbian community celebration; Midsumma.

11 February to 01 March


Kristin McIver

Dreamscapes is a series of paintings which explore the changing notion of the home and suburbia. In recent years, the “Great Australian Dream” of home ownership has become unattainable for the majority of young families. Due to a number of factors, such as a population influx and tax incentives, house prices have soared out of reach of the average family. Kristin McIver’s works challenge whether the “Great Australian Dream” is still relevant today, or whether it is simply propaganda.


Fiona Dalwood

Melbourne artist Fiona Dalwood continues her exploration of tactile history and ephemeral trace through documenting prisons. Images of Dalwood’s visit to San Francisco’s infamous Alcatraz prison are combined with moody institutions including historic J-Ward asylum & gaol in Ararat.

“I wish to raise questions about how we perceive insanity and criminality,” says Dalwood, “by looking closely at places where people spent entire lifetimes incarcerated.

04 March to 22 March


Gail Stiffe & Zoe Culbertson

Nesting features new work by Gail Stiffe and Zoe Culbertson, who are at both ends of the human nesting cycle and can relate to the process of nesting as papermakers. “Both papermaking and nesting involve the breaking down of fibres to bind together and form a new material” says Zoe Culbertson. “Nesting is the necessary preparing for new life, growth and creativity. Although a nest is usually identified as a simple, domestic symbol of home and new beginnings, the process of nesting can be seen as the gathering up of tiny myriad pieces of refuse, unused and unwanted debris to make this new form, new space.”


Marianne Little, Dineke McLean, Trish Alexander, Barb Adams and Ann Baxter

The theme of this exhibition by 5 members of Papermakers of Victoria - Marianne Little, Dineke McLean, Trish Alexander, Barb Adams and Ann Baxter is based on the concept of 'thresholds' as a transition from one place to another - whether that place is physical or of the mind.
Naturally paper with its unique qualities for manipulation, relief work, collage and surface treatments will be the prominent medium.

25 March to 12 April

Get Stuffed!

Helen Mentha

Get Stuffed! plays with contradiction and assumption. The childlike appeal of fake fur and soft toys hijacks our innate urge to connect and draws the viewer in to contemplate more ambiguous themes of intimacy, sexuality and control. It's cute, mischievous and just a little bit perverted.

Pinhole Photography

Group Exhibition

The 69 Smith Street Gallery is exhibiting numerous negatives and positives taken by an innovative group of artists. This fine display of photography is unique in that all photographs have been taken by a pinhole camera containing no mirror or lense. A display of negatives and positives will be available to the general public together with the actual cameras transformed into artworks.

15 April to 03 May

Keith by Hans

Hans Erftemeyer

Hans Erftemeyer is exhibiting paintings of Keith Richards throughout his career. His medium is acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Who is afraid of red,blue,yellow?

Group Exhibition

A group show featuring members of 69 Smith Street Gallery. All members were asked to respond to the question. Come and view the result.

06 May to 24 May

Alice in Tartland

Debbie Harman

In Alice in Tartland, Melbourne Artist Debbie Harman uses a graphic novel, paint, clay and textiles as mediums to render well-known characters in an 'other' version of the story.

In this humorous retelling, Harman uses an adolescent Alice’ to explore ideas of sexual discovery and inhibiting cultural moraes.

Is that a shoe?

Monica Jackson

It is a light-hearted response to the incident involving Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi, an Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former President Bush last December. It involves a series of oil paintings that incorporate the shoe as a tool of defiance throughout history. The paintings incorporate masterpieces by famous painters such as the Old Masters and Impressionists like Manet to look at how independent thinking and rebellion (here symbolised by the shoe) is part of human nature.

27 May to 14 June

Altered View

Michael Cuthbert

My landscapes reflect natural elements without reference to time and place. Spatial ambiguity invites reflection on permanence and transience.

In reducing the elements of composition primarily to those of colour, tone and texture, my paintings speak of the essence of existence, the fragility of being and of cyclical rejuvenation.

Girls and Boys come out to play

Maria Vella

Franz Kafka once said, "Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old."

Girls & Boys Come Out to Play is a collection of paintings which attempt to explore the beauty of youth, while challenging society’s sentimentality about childhood.

17 June to 05 July

Open Ground, Opened Spaces

Ian Cox & Stephen Jovanovich

Open Ground, Opened Spaces is an exploration of the extraordinary that resides within the banal. Ian is drawn to what goes unnoticed or unrecognised within our 'usual', everyday experience. He is moved by the worn textures and colours of pavements and road surfaces, by the unexpected, sometimes mysterious beauty he sees in them. Stephen's work is an exploration of the emotional world of men, the deeper feelings hidden behind personal and cultural barriers to intimacy and self-disclosure, and as by limitations in expression and empathy. As part of this, Stephen also explores the emotional void left by people who are, for whatever reason, absent from our lives.

29 July to 16 August

Time Flies 10 years at 69

Group Exhibition

69 Smith Street Gallery is celebrating 10 years as an Artist Run Initiative. In that time, over 1500 artists have been members and exhibited at the gallery, showing a diverse range of works. Artist Run Initiatives exist to provide a venue for emerging artist to gain experience in all facets of a gallery including running a gallery, organizing exhibitions, publicity, and exhibiting, as well as providing a venue for communication between artists and their public and with other artists.

Time flies will showcase a diverse range of works in all mediums and practices creating a stimulating and exciting exhibition of current art work.

19 August to 06 September

The Revolution in Colour

Brendan Parkes

On display is a glimpse into the multi-faceted and fantastic mind of Parkes. Communities of marauding rabbits rub shoulders with dead film stars and garden vegetables all set to a background of scribbled felts and old house paint. The show’s title itself comes from a misread book cover and has more to do with painting with words than an organised artistic uprising. The titles of Brendan’s pieces share the same labelling, works such as “Safeways, here we come” and “I love your wonky Indian head-dress.

Strange Lands and the Distance Between

Tamar Dolev

The exhibition takes us on a journey into the imagination: “By combining natural materials such as sand, dirt and sticks with synthetic and found materials, Dolev has created a fusion which will stimulate the audience’s thoughts and encourage them to seek out the forgotten aspects of their imagination. In this exhibition Dolev presents a number of textural abstract paintings as well as paintings of fictional characters. Dolev demonstrates a sound knowledge of colours which is evident in all her works.

09 September to 27 September

The Dare Group

Group Exhibition

“The DARE Group” (stands for “Daring Art Really Exciting”) is a recently formed group of artists who follow a non traditional approach to their painting.

Artists who work together to seek out new challenges and expand their vision and boundaries. They are “daring” to be different with varying degrees of abstraction and by working outside each individual’s own particular “square”. Some of the group are traditionally trained artists and teachers.

30 September to 18 October

Sea: What lies beneath?

Martha Ackroyd Curtis

Ackroyd Curtis has a fascinated with the breaking of waves on rocks and the violence and menace it entails. She has tried to capture the seas treachery and beauty in her drawings.

Wilson Prom Revisited

Marianne Little

Little’s work in this exhibition were inspired by the landscape of Wilson’s Prom after the 2005 bushfire burnt and left naked a large part of the Prom. The cast and manipulated handmade paper, combined with drawings and mixed media, create a highly individual interpretation of the Prom landscape.

New York Reflections

Anthony Hollway

Hollway’s works are a personal reflection of the fascinating complexity of New York as a unique and surprisingly friendly city from the talented subway buskers to the sparkle of the Manhattan skyline at sunset seen from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Walking through Fox Glacier

Sue Pavlovich

Pavlovich provides the viewer with a kinaesthetic and visual experience of walking through and over the glacier, by remembering the glacial walls and deep crevasses in large frottage drawings in dry pastel on paper.

From the Archive: Pilgrim's treasure

Rose O'Shea

O’Shea’s exhibition shows her ongoing and persistent interest in natural forms, prehistoric cultural traditions, natural history and the aesthetic of the ‘curious.

21 October to 08 November

So Easey

Pamela Begbie, Frances Fraser, Claudia Hull, Kathy Siganakis

An exhibition featuring work by a group of artists who meet while sharing a studio space at the Easey Steeet Artists Complex, while studying for their Diploma of Visual Arts.

This exhibition encompasses painting and printmaking in various media, often using different approaches and interpretations of similar subject matter eg landscape and still life.

The work in this exhibition is presented as a culmination of their friendship, support and a collaboration of ideas in their art practice.

11 November to 29 November


Mardi Sommerfeld

Photography by Mardi Sommerfeld

Following an intense period of grief, this series was developed through an exploration of decay, death and loss. The inevitable alteration of perception, as a consequence of loss, is portrayed in these images as a lived experience.

Danse Macabre

Aneta Bozic and Cristy Gilbert

Danse Macabre – Installation by Aneta Bozic and Cristy Gilbert

Aneta and Cristy have collaborated to create a collection of complimentary works based on a common theme. Traditional and unconventional materials have been used to create an installation of natural artefacts and representations celebrating the dance of death.


Emma Blee

Intrusion - Photography by Emma Blee

A collection of images of things that are not a natural part of Antarctica.


Eleni Rivers

Untitled - Paintings by Eleni Rivers

Rivers preoccupation for some time has been with the world of seeds, plants and gardens. It is this delicate connection between our human state and nature, that fascinates her. Through alignment with cycles, moods and rhythms of nature Rivers finds a way to explore the foundations of her own humanity in the great cycle of things.

One work

Trish Round

One work – A mixed media Installation by Trish Round

02 December to 20 December

Two Feet You

Members Exhibition

For the last exhibition of the year our members will show their thoughts on our exhibition theme, “Two Feet”. It could be the literal view of two feet, the imperial measurement of two feet or meditations on our two feet and their connections to the earth and nature.

Then again we may be swept off our feet, land on our own feet or more dangerously, for the last exhibition, off on the wrong foot!


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