Past Exhibitions

19 January to 09 February

Midsumma Festival 2008

Michael Brady, Tristan Jalleh, Marcus Keating, Clinton Hayden and Cara Jones

69 Smith Street presents an exhibition of five artists as part of this year's gay and lesbian community celebration Midsumma.

13 February to 02 March


Theo LA Den Brinker

Religion, symbolism and terrorism are the themes of Sura 1-12. Twelve images of people mentioned in relationship to carrying out the Bali bombing. The images have been digitally recreated and printed on pages of the Koran.

"Current events should still be an important theme for artists, not just pictures of gum trees or vague abstracts" says Theo LA den Brinker. "The goal is to create the compelling image which goes beyond the static visual reporting or the politics."

05 March to 23 March

Scattered Memories

Emma Blee

Scattered Memories is inspired by the interplay of the interaction of colours seen in the artist’s travels and experiences. The patches themselves represent the individual pixels that make up the memory of an event or image - pixels of emotions, pixels of reality, pixels of remembered experience. They are bold, strong statements – exaggerating individual parts of memory that have particular significance to the artist… and over time are scattered among memories of daily life.

All About the Image

Bernd Jansons

This is a collection of pieces examining the role of the digital image within the context of traditional visual art. His work
is created digitally, having started from some source, for example a sketch or a photo, he then works with this image through hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of manipulations until the piece is finished. Recognising the irony
of the original (or more precisely the lack of the original) in the digital medium. Each is a genuine original as only one is ever made and each work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

26 March to 13 April

A Tasmanian Wunderkammer

Anne Conron

Anne has set up a wunderkammer. These mixed media works are about a small, amateur museum, or chamber of curiosities. Anne’s concept is flexible with an element of playfulness involved, which may include asking visitors to participate in making dioramas or labelling museum tags.

Lets See What Develops

69 Pinhole Exhibition

On 2 March 69 arranged a pinhole day for its members. This was an exciting day made really interesting by the expertise of David Tatnall.

All the work captured on the day will be exhibited in this show. The artists are unaware of their final results. This is a refreshing and somewhat different approach to exhibiting.

Lets See What Develops!

16 April to 04 May

The Travel

Michele Meister

Michele has a German/French background and lived in many parts around the globe before relocating to Melbourne in 2004. Since arriving in Australia she has been working on a theme “the travel”. She has found that nearly everyone around her has their own story how they arrived here. Michele wants to capture people’s feelings while they are travelling and looking for a new place to be. This is a beautiful collection of paintings and mixed media.

Clear History

Joshua Foley & Nathan Clark

One of the tricks an individual may employ to conceal their secret visits to embarrassing or incriminating websites is the Clear History option. It’s a way to maintain a clean reputation. When thinking about this simple command, on the verge of purging my sins from the records, my eyes rested on the words Clear History.

Foley is a Hyper-realist Painter who works meticulously to create detached images responding to a broad range of themes.

Clark is describing through his work, a general malaise. He is trying to name the nameless.

07 May to 25 May

Phillip Howe 08

Phillip Howe

A solo exhibition of mixed-media works on canvas and paper by artist Phillip Howe.
This exhibition features a collection of vibrantly painted and drawn recent works by Phillip Howe of Australian landscapes and nudes; with a unique perspective by the artist when the two subjects collaborate.

28 May to 15 June

Vanishing Point

Wendy Cavenett, Catherine Coad, Francis Coen, Kathy Cresp-Gerrard, Kalliopi Katsambis and Maureen Macauley

Drifting between reality and abstraction, Vanishing Point brings together artists, Wendy Cavenett, Catherine Coad, Francis Coen, Kathy Cresp-Gerrard, Kalliopi Katsambis and Maureen Macauley. As a group they examine the interior life of emotion, time and perception. With works on paper, canvas, photography and video art, this exhibition offers an intimate and contemplative experience where shifting perspectives and the seduction of space ultimately invite the viewer to connect with art from a private, inner world that is unique to each individual.

18 June to 06 July


Belinda Raymond, Marie Pienne, Robyn Whealing, Belinda Raymond, Mary Kerlin, Kate Murphy, Peggy Devlin, Rebecca Giles, Felicity Ranson, Nicole Schneider, Bill Kemp, Patsy Wilson, Luke Kelly, Marga McEvoy and Carolyn Saunders.

A group exhibition of third year, Visual Art Students from Latrobe University, Bendigo. Fifteen artists, working in a range of disciplines from painting, printmaking, ceramics and drawing, express their own artistic voice.

09 July to 27 July

Irreal Being Exists

Susan Marsh, Maggie Maccathie-Nevile, Robert Mangion, Jessica Raschke

This exhibition engages ideas about the irreal way images pass from the imaginary to the real.

Susan Marsh examines the slippage of identity linked to imminent mortality, particularly fragile bodies that are made docile in institutional spaces.

Maggie Maccathie-Nevile explores the blurring of boundaries between human consciousness and the virtual body and the psychological intrusion of one subject into another.

Robert Mangion investigates aspects of the social imaginary and systems of belief. His works explores the relation between the visible and invisibility within spectral phenomenon and the limitation of language. The exhibition will also feature work by Jessica Raschke.


Caroline Ierodiaconou

Life is an exhibition that mourns the erosion of this earth, as well as the current state of humanity as increasingly fragmented and incomplete.

All Ierodiaconou’s works deal with the current world issues including politics, environmental issues and the Third world. The exhibition is a collection of paintings in mixed media along with small installations.

30 July to 17 August

Against the Weather: Arid Land

Julie-Anne Armstrong-Roper

Armstrong-Roper's work has been widely exhibited in Melbourne and overseas since 1991, including a major solo exhibition in 2000 at Australia House in London.

During the past eight years Armstrong-Roper's works have explored the complexities of the human psyche. In her latest body of work she has expanded upon these themes. Using the whole landscape to express a feeling of isolation and a sense of the frailty of humanity exposed to the elements. The artist believes this to be the natural continuation of her expressing human nature and emotion using the atmospheric and geological environments.

For more information on Armstrong-Roper and her works please visit her website

All Inclusive

Group Exhibition

All Inclusive is a collection of works and media by the backbone of the Gallery.
All Inclusive is an open exhibtion to all members of the gallery. Group shows are an opportunity for all to see the diverse styles, media and interest of the gallery's members. As an artist run initiative 69 Smith Street Gallery is entirely dependant on support from membership and donations, to sustain its presents as an iconic exhibition space for emerging and established contemporary artists.

20 August to 07 September


Susan Dragon

Moments will be Melbourne artist Susan Dragon's first solo exhibition at 69 Smith Street Gallery. Moments consists of a large body of work developed over the past four years. As an artist Susan Dragon paint landscapes of places visited and photographed.

The landscape is inviting, alienating, comforting and distressing, evoking beauty and nostalgia. The paintings capture the various emotions these landscapes evoke when experienced. Dragon's greatest desire "is for the audience to look at these paintings and see their own moments, to trigger their imagination to explore the possibilities beyond the confines of the canvas."

Night after Nightness

Bernadette Pilli

Night after Nightness features a series of oil on canvas works developed by Melbourne artist Bernadette Pilli over the past 9 months. Pilli's paintings are intricately crafted, deceptively simple and smooth to the touch and glance. Bernadette Pilli's paintings confront the viewer with metaphoric landscapes of familiar experience. Pilli says in context to her work "when we are most vulnerable, restless, anguished, emotional, angry, the fabric of our sheets is what we draw closest to us."

10 September to 28 September

New Works

Justin R Varga

New Works is a series of exciting new conceptual works by Melbourne artist Justin Varga. Varga's new works stretch the boundaries of painting and sculpture. Varga has described his new body of work as pushing his "ideas in a minimalist approach. To give them an objective universal appeal." Themes considered in this new body of work include isolation, societal labels, and the individual. Varga has exhibited extensively throughout Melbourne in the past year. New Works promises to be an exciting show moving forward from previous work.

Altered Landscapes

Shane Hulbert

The photographic images in this exhibition explore the land-use experience, in relation to our cultural identity. Iconic areas of the Australian landscape, such as industrial towns, mining towns and outback communities are indexed in relation to the significance of sites like playing grounds, recreation areas, worship centres and mining sites on the social development and stability of these places. These relationships are evidenced by the casual connects between the sites and the landscape, where attempts to separate the grounds are as common as attempts to integrate them.

01 October to 19 October

Beyond the Gate

Kerstin Cuming, Susan Gibson, Eileen Gruen, Virginia McNamara, Kathy Siganakis, Anne Warren, Lynette Joy Weber, Beryl White, and Evelyn Young.

The nine artists comprising Out of the Box are at it again as they present their third exhibition, entitled Beyond the Gate. Through a mix of mediums including paint, digital techniques, works on paper, and sculptures in the form of glass panels, ceramics, wood and metal, you are taken on a journey as the artists peer over, hide behind, slam shut, and force open gates to an array of psychological and physical experiences.

22 October to 09 November

Incunabula (birth or a new beginning)

Group Exhibition

Incunabula (birth or a new beginning) is a culmination of twelve months hard work by a young group participating in The Creative Literacy and Numeracy Program/Art Program and the Westcare VCAL Program. The art program run by The Salvation Army Westcare and their Western Early School Leavers Program is aimed at improving the participant's self-worth, showing them an alternative lifestyle and instilling in them the notion that with a bit of effort anything is possible. It is also time for quiet, safe reflection. The artwork on display is vibrant and alive, filled with the vitality of youth and hope. Covering a wide spectrum - abstract, figurative and landscape.

12 November to 30 November

All Sorts

Rosemarie Reber, Carol Rowlands, Richard Rowlands and Janine Wallace

An exhibition of recent work by Rosemarie Reber, Carol Rowlands, Richard Rowlands and Janine Wallace. All Sorts is a delicious collection, which describes our heterogeneous world. Presenting a range of sculptures, paintings, drawings, text and collage. All sorts is an exciting and vibrant series of work representing a cross-section of contemporary sensibilities. Opening a conversation about the challenges of the postmodern world.


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