Current Exhibition

10 February to 28 February

Opening Saturday February 13th 4pm-6pm

Ne-Art Colective

Ne-Art Colective is the first Australian Exhibition of its kind that allows artists and designers to conceive their ideas and concepts in the brilliant light of an art form that is rich in both its historical and cultural significance.

The work exhibited showcases home grown talent with artists varying from internationally recognised artists, architects, designs and aspiring young graduates.
This is a collective of brilliant minds illuminated in neon.

Fais le Chien

The collective “Fait le Chien” can be characterised under many domains; literature and poetry written by Leon, an artist hailing from France, his work has artistically been enriched through collaboration with a Belgian artist, Auto.
They have creatively joined forces having had previous experience working as video directors in big screen projections and performance respectively. With a critical eye, they rewrite and repaint the world in their own light. Thus, they place themselves ahead of those who wish to avoid exploring taboo subjects.

Wielding contradictory mediums, creatively these artists compliment and collaborate with one another brilliantly.
Considering the vastness of this world, they attract themselves alternately towards different feelings, their preferred theme being, human interaction.
In each of their creations of which they are “principle protagonists”, they involve themselves with their actors. They immerse themselves completely in life, they observe it: one writes, the other paints so that finally an entire work can come to fruition. Just as the universe holds polarity between positive and negative, Leon’s creations cannot reach maximum potential without the works of Auto.

“We represent the large degree of feelings experienced in the world”; Carol Lallemand enjoys fear whilst Loic Servat prefers to toy with love. We cannot compare the two nor place them as one, but imperatively, either cannot go without the other. Thus, they assemble themselves easily under the question of identity.
Not hesitating to take a stand, they have brought to life the performance of all performances. So as to perplex the daily life of the public, they shout their story in the centre of a crowd but again, arm their camera placing it in unknown territory. They hope to collide with their biases in simplicity. Their approach is as powerful in the sense that where they always return to is the despised and crushed values, using unique words and paintings to convey meaning.

Midsumma at 69 Smith St Gallery
20 January to 07 February

Queer Country opening June 20

Queer Country

Wednesday January 20 - Sunday February 7

Queer Country will feature ten GLBTI artists from Bendigo and across Victoria. The exhibition gives visibility to the artistic concepts, practices and experiences of the artists through sculpture, photography, painting and mixed media. The artworks address issues such as gender, sexuality, isolation and self within a rural environment.

The presenting artists are Chelsea Arnott, Denis Chapman, Yvonne George, Catherine Johnston, Rohan Morris, Gavin North, Tom Pender, Tashara Roberts, Kate Tellefson and Rynelle Walker.

To mark 10 years of this annual exhibition and its presentation in Melbourne for the first time, the Mayor of Bendigo, Cr. Rod Fyffe, will officially open the exhibition at 4pm on Saturday January23.

A curator and artist floor talk will be held at 4pm on Sunday 7th February. This is a great opportunity to hear about the concepts and motivations behind the artworks on display. or

'Male, Female, Freak.' by Tashara Roberts 2015

The Inaugural Australia Post Art Prize

Midsumma Festival 2016 proudly presents from Jan 23rd

The theme for the 2016 Australia Post Art Prize is Identities. The exhibition will focus and examine the relationships between socio-political issues and personal experiences within the queer community. The works will illustrate a unique vision on queerness, while offering a critical tool for the reformulation of normative social and art historical ideals.

Finalists /
Adam James David Anderson / Alison Bennett / Megan Beckwith / Daniel Burke / William Eicholtz / Emma Ferguson / Jessika K / Ying Huang / Matto Lucas / Jake Preval / Frances Sergi / Issie Soudy

We are on holidays!
23 December to 20 January

Happy Holidays & Thanks

We were very busy this year with a great range of art and artists exhibiting.

If 2015 was anything to go by, 2016 will be a bumper year.

A huge thanks to all the people who have worked long and hard to make the year such a success. Every contribution counts.

Make sure that you support the art shops that give 69 Smith St Gallery members a discount: Riot Art & Craft, Dean's Art and Art Stretchers (Northcote).

See you all in 2016 when we reopen with Midsumma exhibitions from Jan 20 to Feb 7.

End of Year Exhibitions for 2015
02 December to 20 December

Opening & prize announcements December 5th 4pm - 6pm

Congratulations to our Winners and Honorable Mentions

Winners of the End of Year Prize show

Members Winner
'Ground Untold' Darron Davies

Highly Commended
'Still life in Motion' Roseanne Nettleton
'Flowering Gum’ Karen Price
'The Boat' Tamara Russell
'A Book with a Tail' Marianne Little

Open Winner
'The Butterfly Effect' Steven Cole
Highly Commended
'tip, tip' Liz Caffin
‘Exploring Louvre’, ‘Treasure’, ‘Wonder’ Seera Rytkola

Student Winner
'A Need for Silence' Louise Tate
Highly Commended
'Eddy (After Edouard)' Leigh Hewitt
'Roxborough Carwash' Amanda Watson

The winners of each section will have a solo show at the gallery in 2016. Honorable mentions received a voucher from Riot Art and Craft Stores who we thank for their generous donation.

Over 150 works by more than 100 artists

End of Year Prize Show

To celebrate the end of a successful year of exhibitions, artists were invited to submit work into a competition to win a free exhibition space at the gallery in 2016. There are three categories: Open, Members and Student.
There is an amazing range of work on display - showcasing work from emerging through to well established artists. Winners will be announced at the opening between 4pm and 6pm on Saturday Dec 5.

Original Art by Carol Zsolt

Carol Zsolt

Carol Zsolt is a Melbourne based artist. She creates artwork using different tools such as sponge, brush and a scraping technique using a pallette knife to develop original artwork that is colourful and dynamic.


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