Current Exhibition

Movement, Reflections and Observations
29 July to 16 August

Opening on Saturday August 1st at 4pm.

Featuring new works by Santo Casella, Simon Watts, Nigel Tan, Andrea Hughes and Jan Herrera. We are also hosting a group show with a variety of works the Phoenix painting group.

Exhibition: Wed 29th July to Sun 16th August 2015
Hours: Wed - Sat 11am - 5pm. Sun 12 - 5pm

Please join us for the opening on Saturday August 1st at 4pm.

Circus and Dance.

Santo Casella

I developed a fascination for movement through my daughters’ involvement in both. My love of colour developed as a small child by spending what time my dad and I had together taking walks in our local Sicilian forest to collect mushrooms. This was the time of the WW11when we saw little of our dad. These walks were treasured by us both. My family migrated to Australia in 1951. Much of my spare time after arriving in Australia (Brisbane) was spent visiting the nearby Queensland Art Gallery. As a young lad I started formal lessons in painting by doing life classes with the late Jon Molvig.

My art studies continued with both Betty and Roy Churcher, Melville Haysom, Merv Moriarty, David Paulson and Ian Smith. I gained a Diploma of Fine Art from the Queensland College of Art and went on to achieve a Bachelor of Arts with a Fine Art Major at the University of Queensland.

Work I have done in the Arts sector include: Multicultural Arts Officer with the Ethnic Communities’ Council of
Queensland, Manager - Hoisser Art Gallery, part-time art teacher and now I am a full-time artist. I was also a volunteer Guide with the Queensland Art Gallery.

Letting Go

Simon Watts

I have an aversion to everyone's obsession with everything being 'Just so'. I prefer the imperfections of life and find great beauty in things that are a little off. Something or someone that's lived a life wears that experience like a second skin and the marks and scars tell a far better story than something that looks like it's never been used. I don't want to make things perfect, I deliberately do the opposite to try and make things interesting. In trying to let go of life's hangups I feel like I'm in the process of discovering what's important. Whether I'll find it or not is another story.

Three Acts

Nigel Tan

Three Acts is the onerous narrative of our inner being. This fluctuation between desire and abandonment bothers us on a daily basis, bringing about a repetitive turmoil when left unsettled.

These three separate yet interlinked pieces explore the escape from the silent struggle between right and wrong based on individual ethics and experiences. Inspired by the Japanese, these pieces highlight my personal encounter and understanding of the culture through past events, stories and travels.

Under the Microscope

Andrea Hughes

This exhibition includes a series of my small and medium scale works on perspex and linen, created while studying for the Advanced Diploma of Visual Art at RMIT. In the works, I’ve explored the movement of various mediums - including acrylic, oil paint and glues - and their reaction to pressure and surface.

My conceptual premise evolved from my memories of freedom in play while growing up in the seventies and eighties, including the magical places I was able to explore. Today, children have so many constraints and controls imposed on them by their parents and society in general. This prompted me to investigate ideas around free play, while also imposing some constraints such as colour and shape in the initial works. I then opened up my works further by broadening my exploration of colour, shape and surface.

Wax On

Jan Hererra

Encaustic wax has been around for thousands of years, used by the Egyptians to waterproof and decorate their boats.

Today encaustic has had a revitalisation as an art form, I have made a series of panel in Encaustic which are my journey of exploration and experimentation, encaustic medium is incredibly versatile it can be poured, carved, sculptured, layered, collaged and pigmented.

The only rule in encaustic is that there are no rules.

Phoenix Group Show

The Phoenix art group, which nests by the Maribyrnong River, has created serious themes and strong works. Ranging across portraits, scenes and landscapes, in paint, pastel and charcoal, they are works of substance, line and colour.



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