Current Exhibition

City, Country, Nature,Interiors
11 November to 29 November


Ellen Taylor

Ellen’s current body of work is a marriage between her love of drawing and her studies in sculpture and spatial practice. Pairing these disciplines has resulted in two- dimensional works that express and celebrate form and space. The drawings in this exhibition take inspiration from imagined, man made, and natural phenomena, ranging from clouds to giant rock structures.

Rush Hour

Deborah Keir

These photographs represent rush hour, which is a modern phenomenon, caused by the artificial need for people to travel at the same time of day. The congestion and movement captured is juxtaposed with the stillness of people waiting, a reminder that rush hour is a time when movement is restricted by sheer weight of numbers.
The blurring in the images are a ghostly reminder of the passage of time and peoples’ travel through their life journey. Many of the people in these images are unidentifiable, reinforcing the idea that they are just cogs in the impersonal machine that is the city.

Work by Volunteers

69 Smith St Gallery is an artist run initiative - it is run by volunteers who come from a diverse range of artistic backgrounds. This group show is comprised of works created by some of these individuals who work together to keep the gallery running and to thus promote the work of members.

Before Too Long

Ben Jenkins

A collection of drawings and sculpture I saw a canola field in a dense fog. The intense yellow bleeding upward and into the sky. Objects foregrounding this vague blur assumed an exacting precision. This collection of drawings is the latest in a series stemming from that encounter. They are not attempts at depiction, but rather try to re-instigate the activity of that looking.

The sculptural works are an extension of this process and mark, for me, a return to the traditional sculptural materials of wood metal and stone, and are concerned with inherent qualities of stillness and silence.

Works on Paper

Betty Nicholson

I developed the work for this exhibition from a few of the quick sketches I have, and from images in paintings that didn't resolve and were eventually abandoned. These images have hung around the studio like old friends, ghosts, things of past. However they needed to be completed and put to rest, so I placed them into another format using photography and computer and gave them a fresh finish.

Cockatoo Island

Helen McPherson

Cockatoo Island in Sydney's inner harbour has a long history; probably used by Aboriginal people prior to European settlement, before becoming a convict gaol in 1839, and eventually a shipbuilding and repair dockyard, which operated for 134 years.
Now on the World-Heritage-list, Cockatoo Island retains many of its buildings from the past, and is a popular tourist destination. It's also one of the venues for the Sydney Biennale.

Better known for her work in handmade paper and furniture, this is Helen's first photographic exhibition.


Vicky Mousoulis

Vicky Mousoulis comes from Adelaide and has had a passion for photography since picking up her father's Minolta camera when younger. The 9 images in this her first exhibition reflect the richness of life and people in Greece.

“Is the ‘Greek magic’ in this selection of photographs a property of the fascinating thing observed, or the alert eye/mind that observes them? Doubtless a mixture of both things. Sometimes the magic comes from the choice of a frame, an angle; sometimes it arises from a moment spontaneously lived and captured.” – Adrian Martin, critic.


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