Current Exhibition

Reflections and Dialogues
19 August to 06 September

Opening - Saturday 22nd August 4pm - 6pm

Rob Hall, Minna Loft, Madeleine Palser Barto, Celeste Magee, Jack Standaar, Laura Johnston, Alexander Stimpson, Carol Rowlands

You are invited to Natural Dialogues our tenth group of exhibitions for 2015.

Featuring works by Rob Hall, Minna Loft, Madeleine Palser Barto, Celeste Magee, Jack Standaar, Laura Johnston, Alexander Stimpson, Carol Rowlands and items from a workshop run by Lorna Crane at 69 Smith St Gallery on August 7th & 8th.

Please join the artists at the opening Saturday 21st August 4pm - 6pm
Exhibition: 19th August to 6th Sept
Hours: Wed - Sat, 11am - 5pm. Sunday 12 - 5pm

Recent Paintings

Rob Hall

Eucalyptus leaves have a surface that reflect light
Millions of tiny mirrors can take in a lot of sky

Meet Me

Minna Loft

Minna Loft’s jewellery works were created in response to many days spent together with different women exchanging skills and ideas. The final objects are the tangible result of communication that has occurred throughout the making process. The jewellery pieces created are made using skills such as beading and textile related crafts taught to Minna by women with a diverse range of backgrounds. Meet Me is an opportunity for her to honour the skills of these women she has worked with and to encourage dialogue on how craft is appreciated both locally and globally.


RMIT visual arts students

Celeste Magee, Jack Standaar, Laura Johnston and Alexander Stimpson are a group of contemporary painters whose work spans the genres of stylized portraiture, photo based realism and areal abstraction. Their practice aims to juxtapose traditional and contemporary painting styles through use of lighting, method of application, process and subject matter. The group's diverse body of work comes together around the idea of mindfulness and appreciation of the beauty within the ordinary. Whether it is through the natural patterns of paint coagulating, the corner of a blurred photograph, the simplicity of an urban structure or the transformation of forgotten materials, each artist finds a way to celebrate aspects of life that are too often ignored.


Carol Rowlands

My garden is an ever changing place, mysterious and sometimes dangerous. A microcosm reflecting a species’ defeat and victory.
The garden appears beautiful and serene, hiding the cruelties of the natural world. Watching, we are voyeurs in landscapes that reflect others’ agendas, interests and dreams.
In our own garden we view the changing buildings, colours, textures and shapes of nature. Buildings and nature are conjoined, momentarily. But the garden can be quickly erased to suit a changing environment and clientele. We can ignore, dislike or enjoy this evolving environment. The world’s boundaries are always available to be renegotiated.

Not Hear

Madeleine Palser Barto

Not Hear explores the narrative of how we, as humans, exist and how the environment has its place in that- either as a resource, a ‘wilderness’ to escape into, or the grander truth - the planet that we live in and impact every day. It’s about the awful beauty of a nature disappearing. The patterns of a glacier taken out of its context and applied in a supremely man made environment creates its own dialogue of the relationship between man and nature. The exhibition explores the sounds of a city, the sounds of glaciers and the unjustifiable disappearance of them as a natural environment.

Mark Making Workshop with Lorna Crane

Lorna Crane, an internationally recognised artist from NSW, recently ran a workshop at 69 Smith St Gallery. Over 2 days participants made brushes from natural materials and found objects, and then experimented with these hand made brushes.
The marks that they made were serendipitous, with each brush revealing its character in the hands of its creator.
Using unconventional means for mark making is a liberating an interesting exercise. Some of the brushes, and the works in progress are currently on display at the gallery.



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