Current Exhibition

Views of Our World
17 June to 05 July

OPENING: Saturday 20th of June 4 -6 pm

Quiet Land

Darron Davies

Quiet Land is a selection of landscape photography exploring landscape from a metaphoric perspective. The landscapes carry an intensity, a sense of presence. One image "Beyond" - a Finalist in the 2012 Blake Art Prize - is simply the image of a tree , but it is cave-like, like an entry into another world. Is it natural or is it man-made? What lies beyond? A bike path embankment looks like an ancient face, other images speak through their stillness. Quiet Land explores the mystery, and otherness in landscapes. The best photos speak for themselves: a world of secrets far beyond the footsteps of man.

Melton Hole

Greg Ferry

Melton is one of the fastest growing and affordable suburbs in Victoria, located approximately 40Km from Melbourne’s CBD. Many people say we are seeing the end of affordable home ownership and in a way to me Melton represents a sad sort of last stand of the Australian dream. The culture of the place I suspect is a direct result of that. I’m sure nobody really dreams of living there. Objects past loved, worn out, or so devaluated that nobody wants them also end up here where they may have a new life or final ending. These are small paintings as they are commenced as plein air sketches. This is Melton as I experienced it.

Voids Between Us

Erich Schipp

Erich's work is based off a style of abstract expressionism which was inspired and heavily influenced by his mentor and father Heinz Helmut. All paintings produced are hand made from recycled timber and canvas sealed using rabbit skin glue.
This body of work is a collaboration of two painting series. One of which was developed last year based on a solo motorcycle trip around Australia, titled Long Roads. The other half of this exhibition is a body of work developed over the last five years titled Voids Between Us. The purpose of this work is to show the viewer the connection of our own humanity and our understanding of that within the universe we live in. Using deep oil colours, texture and shape to express this idea further

Scarred Earth

Marianne Little

This group of works was inspired by the landscape of Wilsons Prom a short time after fire burnt through a large area of the park and left a vertical pattern of black and burnt trees against a scarred horizontal background.
The works are a combination of drawing, photos and manipulated handmade paper.

unNatural Hybrids

Aneta Bozic

To control and manipulate the natural
Within shed, laboratories and kitchens
We play at being the creator
Blurring the lines between
Animal, vegetable and mineral
Fauna, flora and ore
Form and functions, transposed and confused
Curious and harmonious
From museum artefact to domestic display
Our gardens of unNatural Hybirds

Group Show

Marianne Little, Justine Cromb, Helen McPherson, Merle Parker, Carol Rowlands and Birgit Kreuzkamp.


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